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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School

Mitamisyi secondary school trip to Mombasa*

19th to 22nd July 2021

The students reported to school on Sunday at 15hrs from home because the school had closed.
On Monday they woke up very early full of excitement after making and taking their breakfast they were ready for the exhilarating journey.
At 06hrs the twenty four  students drawn from form one to three  accompanied by Mrs Omangi the principal who is also the physics teacher ,Mr Acothy Ndoo the Board of management vice chairman ,Ms musyoka our chemistry teacher ,Mr Mackenzie our Biology teacher and Mary the matron started their journey to Mombasa aboard St. Augustine's Nguni Boys secondary School's Bus.

On the way the students viewed tarmac road, bridges ,round about and magnificent buildings which many only read on books.the standard gauge railway and the train excited them greatly. At mtito Andei we took a break to have lunch .The journey continued though on a slower pace to allow students observe wildlife in the Tsavo ,they were elated to see Monkeys, Zibras , Elephants,Girraffes ,Gazelles among many animals. As we drew closer to Mombasa the students were able to note the change in vegetation especially the presence of tall coconut trees. They also had an opportunity to observe highly mechanised industries like the mabati Rolling Mills at mariakani. They also observed with awe the miritini road interchange and the Mombasa railway terminus. They were very excited to see the port of Mombasa, some ship and winches as they moved along gate 24.we arrived at walenisi guest house  changamwe at 1752hrs to a warm invitation by our host and checked into our rooms .
After supper everyone settled in their room by 20hrs .
On Tuesday breakfast was served by 07hrs.
We set out at  08hrs ,we stopped at the makupa causeway where a super bridge is under construction, we later proceeded to the historical Nyali bridge, we arrived at Bamburi Haller park at 10hrs and were given a tour guide to take us around.Here the students learnt a lot starting with ecological zones, adaptations of plants to climatic conditions.
The students observed  different animals ,the feeding of Girraffes was fascinating to them,some were scared to move closer to caged snakes and others buffled by the huge tortoises in the pack.they learnt how reptiles reproduce and  animal adaptations like why Rhinos stay in water with their noses above the water.
We settled for lunch at the park's resting area to the amusement of the  snatchy monkeys trying to grab food stuff from the students.we left the patk at 15hrs and headed to Bamburi beach ,the students were impressed by the powerful waves on the sea , they took deep breath of the fresh air ashore, the sea sand was thrilling , they even tasted how salty the water was,they took time and splashed the water and even scrabbed their skins with wet sea sand as they were told this was medicinal.
We made back to our hotel rooms by 18hrs took supper and retired to bed at 20hrs.

Wednesday at 07hrs we settled for breakfast and set out at 08hrs.
We went straight to Mombasa administrative centre ,drove along Mombasa law courts ,central bank and national government offices.
We then went to fort Jesus here the students were mesmerized by the  the giant old fort.
Our guide gave the students the historical background of the fort before conducting a tour of the great fort.
The students were shown the secret entrance to the fort, the weapons used during war,the security tower ,weapons store among other areas.The students connected very well with the fort because they were aware of hunting elephants for their tusks from their home area.
They had lunch around fort Jesus and left at 1520hrs .we drove along state louge , Kenya navy area and viewed ships at mama ngina water front.
Later the students enjoyed a ferry trip across likoni and back .
The students were taken to the likoni   floating bridge at lewatoni which was thrilling to cross over and they learned how the bridge is kept afloat.we arrived at our abode at1832hrs took supper and retired to our rooms by 20hrs.
Thursday was our day for going back home we took breakfast and set out on our long journey by 07hrs making a brief stop over at mtito Andei for lunch and arrived safely by 1850hrs.

This tour has left indelible Mark in the hearts of the students and the history of our school.

We thank God and our partner TAS .

We pray that this trip will stir in the students the energy to work hard and determination to post good results.