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Boka children in their new banda
The new banda at Boka provides additional airy space for interactive learning.  ....(read more)

2000 children at Loldia Primary School have running water!!
After years of water problems at this huge primary school by Lake Naivasha ....(read more)

El Rar Children get their first story books
El Rar is not a community that has ever put a high value on education so ....(read more)

New Headteacher gets down to business!

Loldia Primary School has just received a new headteacher with a mission!  After years of neglect the school can look forward to steady improvement in the coming months and years.  Joseph Njeru is a highly qualified, experienced and committed Headteacher who has been appointed to lead and improve this large primary school of 2100 children. Within days he has made a difference, including ensuring that the gutters are cleared.  Sadly some of the water tanks remain empty despite the huge rains that the country has experienced.  Such simple solutions are frequently not applied where there is a culture of acceptance of problems.  Problem solving will henceforth be on the curriculum of this potentially successful school!