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Boka children in their new banda
The new banda at Boka provides additional airy space for interactive learning.  ....(read more)

2000 children at Loldia Primary School have running water!!
After years of water problems at this huge primary school by Lake Naivasha ....(read more)

El Rar Children get their first story books
El Rar is not a community that has ever put a high value on education so ....(read more)

Major building works at Mitamysi!

With generous funding from the Property Race Day a major building programme has begun in Mitamysi Secondary School..  Starting with a dormitory for boys - who have been sleeping in one of the classrooms! - and houses for 5 staff - who have been renting basic rooms in the village several kilometres away - the programme will continue with a students shade banda, a fence, staff banda, library, educational trip and sports field.  These new projects will transform the school and help to ensure improved life chances for the large number of newly enrolled students.
Parents and community members are fully behind these developments and contribute in many ways - providing hard core, sand and water as well as funds to enlarge the school compound for new playing fields.