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Loldia's dust bowl playing field turns green.
At last the 2000 children at Loldia Primary School can see the dust bowl ....(read more)

Kora Secondary gets its new kitchen!
This new secondary school is slowly improving its facilities.  The ....(read more)

Water harvesting at Loldia
This huge Primary school in Naivasha has had a chronic shortage of water ....(read more)

Huge improvement in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education results! Well done!

This year's KCPE results in the primary schools we currently support have shown a very significant improvement.In Boka for instance the mean score has risen from 155 in 2017 to 246 in 2018.  This is a real achievement in a very poor school and reflects the energy and commitment of a new headteacher and 3 new teaching staff. In Asako, where TAS has been working for nearly 8 years the score has risen from 155 to 246.  Once again, a real change in a school that has been problematic for a long time. In Kaseluni where the first KCPE exam was taken last year the score  has risen from181 to 230.The Ministry of Education has moved headteachers and teaching staff around in the last year and this seems to have had a good effect on school management and teaching.