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The old and the new! Progress at Jarajara!
Jarajara Primary School has chosen to keep their old kitchen alongside ....(read more)

Kora Secondary School pleads for girls dormitory
T he students at Kora Secondary School are delighjted with their new kitchen ....(read more)

Jarajara plants 1000 trees with help from NYS.
Recruits from the National Youth Service have planted over 1000 trees in ....(read more)

Mitamysi Girls Garden

Mitamysi girls have started a garden!  Its hard work because the water has to be carried from a borehole some 3 kms away.  But not for long!Within the next few weeks African Sand Dams Foundation will be starting to build a large dam on the school site.  The community has assembled large quantities of stones and sand, and will provide the labour for the project which has been funded by Just a Drop in the UK.