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New books for Kaseluni Primary School
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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
A delivery of sports equipment - mainly footballs and basket balls - has ....(read more)

School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
Mitamisyi secondary ....(read more)

Jarajara Primary School gets teachers in uniform!

Jarajara Primary School has over 450 students and only 5 government teachers.  The families are poor and would find it difficult to pay the salaries of additional good quality teachers to meet the required staffing level so the innovative headteacher requested some recruits from the National Youth Agency.These young people have all turned up in uniform - although they will not teach in uniform - ready to instruct a class.  All have achieved a C in their secondary school leaving exam which means they qualified for university.  Either they did not have sufficient funds to pay the fees or they decided to opt for the broader training afforded by the NYA.