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New staff room and desks for 34 teachers at Loldia.
Loldia Primary School's 34 teachers have suffered poor accommodation for ....(read more)

Jarajara trees and water tanks
TAS has funded a new water supply from the Tana River for Jarajara.  ....(read more)

Huge new water tank completed at Mitamysi!
Mitamysi Secondary School now has a completed 150,000 Litre water tank, ....(read more)

No white landrovers for TAS co-ordinator!

The man on the motorbike is Stephen Kameti.  He works jointly for TAS and KWS (the Kenya Wildlife Service) and his job is to support the local school trusts which are attached to 9 schools around Kora National Park and Mwingi National Reserve in Kenya. These are remote schools, difficult to reach at the best of times and impossible during the rains.The picture shows Stephen on a hired motorbike visiting one of the new schools being supported by TAS - Kaseluni Primary School.  The children are gathering cow peas from the school garden.  The peas are cooked along with the locally grown millet at lunchtime.