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New books for Kaseluni Primary School
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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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Boka girls dormitory up and running

The new screen around the girls dormitory at Boka Primary School has now been completed and the bunk beds and washrooms are in place.  There is a newly recruited female teacher who is acting as Matron and the school is delighted with the number of girls enrolling in Standard 1.In the 2014 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education  4 girls sat the exam and 2 will go on to Secondary School.  These are the first from the Boka community.  The new intake is approximately 50% girls, so there are high hopes of a real change in the educational opportunity for girls.  The new boarding arrangements will encourage them to stay on in school rather than dropping out early for marriage and work in the home.