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New staff room and desks for 34 teachers at Loldia.
Loldia Primary School's 34 teachers have suffered poor accommodation for ....(read more)

Jarajara trees and water tanks
TAS has funded a new water supply from the Tana River for Jarajara.  ....(read more)

Huge new water tank completed at Mitamysi!
Mitamysi Secondary School now has a completed 150,000 Litre water tank, ....(read more)

Exam time!

Students in primary and secondary schools all over Kenya are taking exams.

In primary schools its the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) and in secondary schools it's the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education).

The pictures show students in Mivukoni and Usueni Secondary Schools hard at work. 

All TAS supported schools are expected to show improvement in their mean grades and in the numbers of students taking the exams - particularly girls.  The results are out in January / February.