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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Harriet Matsaert, Angeline Mbula, Annastasia Mutinda, William Mutheki, Kellen Muruku


Mivukoni School Trust.  Minutes of First Trustees Meeting and Inauguration of Trust

Trustees Present:  Harriet Matsaert (TAS trustee), Angeline Mbula (BOG and TAS trustee), Annastasia Mutinda (Princiapal and TAS trustee), William M. Mutheki (BOG and TAS trustee), Kellen M Mutuku (teacher and TAS trustee).

In attendance: Kyania Nzili (lawyer), Sanjmi Kent, Wilson K Maanzo (Chief Mivukoni Location), Juhn Musili (Deputy Principal), Stephen N Kameti (TAS), Gideon N Munure (Sponsor), Lissa Campbell (TAS), Joseph Nyongesa (Warden Kora/Mwingi), Njoki Kimotho, Helen Ndeti.

Mr Francis Koma

1. Inaugaration of Mivukoni School Trust.
Stephen Kameti (SK) and Lissa Campbell (LC) briefed everyone on the purpose of the trust and gave examples of the kind of activities other schools.  Kyania Nzili (KN) talked us through the legal implications of the trust.

We discussed the importance of having teacher representation on the board and it was agreed to appoint one teacher to the trust.  Mrs Kellen Mutuku was asked to become a trustee and agreed.  Due to the absence of BOG members Michael Kimwele and Mrs Nzavi, it was decided to appoint instead Mrs Mbulu and Mr Mutheki (both BOG members) to the trust.  Mr Francis Koma, who has been selected to chair the board was not present.  However it was decided that he should be appointed to the trust.

It was decided that Harriet Matsaert, Francis Koma and William Mutheki will be signatories to the trust account.  All cheques should be signed by Harriet and one other of the two.

Trustees signed trust forms and bank signatory forms.  Stephen Kameti (SK) and KN will obtain other trustee signatures. SK will open trust bank account.

KN will send all trustees copies of the trust document.

2.  Next Meeting
In our first meeting we will set clear bylaws for trust practices, issuing of cheques etc.  HM to check existing rule with Gill and LC.

The date and location of the next meeting was not set but will be held in September to coincide with Gill Marshall Andrew’s visit

Mrs Mutinda to ask PTA to nominate a parent representative to join the trust.
Harriet check TAS rules for trust practices.
Mwingi based trustees (AB, AM, WM, FK, KM and parent representative) to consider priorities for TAS funding.
SK to talk to trust members and GMA to arrange date and location of next meeting.
LC to print photos of trustees and give to SK
HM to provide SK with passport photo.