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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Peter N’ganga PN Abinther Otiende Lugadiru AOL Roasaniah Gwiyo RG Musa Gashago MG Sarah Cooper SC Anthony Gross AFG Ibrahim Kote Banta IKB




Peter N’ganga    PN
Abinther Otiende Lugadiru  AOL
Roasaniah Gwiyo   RG
Musa Gashago    MG
Sarah Cooper    SC
Anthony Gross   AFG
Ibrahim Kote Banta    IKB


Halima J Kofa    HK
Abas Kunyo    AK
Mike Makau    MM


1. The meeting was opened with a prayer by PN.

2. The Minutes of the meeting on March 20th 2009 were table and passed.

3. Matters Arising

* PN said that the problem of intermittent power in the classrooms had been partly solved by the school, simply by replacing some of the light bulbs. However, it was felt that the cables that had been used were substandard and Kimanzi would be going to the school the following weekend to follow up. PN to keep in close touch with SC on the matter.
* AOL had sent proposal for 3rd teacher from Waldegrave to visit Madogo.
* AFG produced a template, which SC had modified and simplified for income generating projects - this included a financial plan and summary.
* MG said that the BoG would discuss the possibility of providing an IT technician at its next meeting, and would report back at the next TAS meeting in September.
* AOL had approached Telkom, and hoped that one if their technicians would be able to attend the next meeting.


2. New Classroom Block

PN confirmed that there were still some problems with the power in the new classrooms. SC had spoken to Kimanzi, who was going to visit the school the following weekend to sort out the problems. PN explained that he had also noticed cracks in the building. SC urged PN to make a note of all the problems and keep in close touch. TAS were holding a 10% retention until July 2009, and it was important that all the problems were sorted out before the final payment was made.

3. Renovation of Dormitory

Progress had been made with the dormitory, and the walls and roof had now been completed. However, PN explained that there were problems with the windows. The final quotation to complete the work had risen from KSh1.2M to KSh1.5M, and the contractor had only received KSh800,000 so far from CDF. He was waiting for further payment in order to complete the job. SC said she would contact Dr Nuh Nassir to find out what is happening with the CDF funding. AFG urged the meeting to put it in writing and present it to the Works Officer.

4. Global Schools Partnership

AOL and RG expressed their gratitude for all that TAS had done to enable them to visit Waldegrave School in the UK last month. They presented photographs of their trip. Any further expenses incurred need to be itemised in order for TAS to be able to reimburse them fully. AOL and RG agreed to send detailed list of expenses to SC.

In preparation for the return trip of the three Waldegrave teachers, AOL suggested that the staff at Madogo would set up a committee in order to prepare for the visit. He had also researched the accommodation options at Nomads Hotel in Garissa. Various options per person included: full board KSh3,570; bed & breakfast (+fan) KSh1,000; bed & breakfast (+air con) KSh1,600; bed & breakfast deluxe KSh2,200. SC would discuss the options with Caroline Croll and make the bookings.

AOL and RG said that they would meet the Waldegrave teachers at Jomo Kenyatta International Aiport, and assist the teachers with transport to Madogo.

5. Income Generating Projects

SC presented the simplified income generating template to the meeting, explaining the importance of completing a plan which could accompany a proposal, as well as a financial summary which needed to be backed up with receipts and relevant paperwork. SC to email the working template to PN.

Various income generating projects were discussed, and it was unanimously agreed that the school would benefit most from purchasing a Straight Interlocking Block Press. SC had contacted ‘Makiga’, the manufacturer, in Nairobi. Each machine costs KSh79,850, plus KSh5,000 for onsite training. SC demonstrated how the income generating template could work in relation to the purchase of a brick making machine. PN agreed that it was a very workable idea and it could transform lives.

PN and AOL agreed to send 3 samples of 2kg of soil from different sites around the school campus, in order to test the quality, and work out the soil:cement ratio needed to make bricks.

PN suggested that the goat project be dropped as the price of one goat was KSh16,500.

6. Funding Proposals

* Games - No more action had been taken on this. PN and AOL agreed to rewrite the proposal and include a workable financial plan to back it up.

* Communication - MG stated that the matter of an IT technician would be raised at the next BoG meeting, as an agenda point. He would report back at the next TAS meeting in September.

* Sports Equipment - PN explained that Madogo had already spent KSh 97,000 on sports equipment, including 22 pairs of football boots, for both the boys and girls teams, footballs and pumps. SC explained that TAS couldn’t reimburse the school for any equipment already purchased without a proposal. She urged PN to write detailed proposals for any equipment that the school may need in the future.


7. Work Experience

SC asked if there was any progress on the subject of work experience. PN doubted the interest of Form IV’s in getting work experience after their exams had finished, especially those who lived far from Garissa. AOL suggested that they consider students who live within Madogo District. AOL and RG to discuss the matter with Form IV’s to elicit what they would be happy to do. AOL and RG to approach organisations within Garissa. The meeting agreed that the brick making machine could provide some work experience for a small number of students.



8. Any Other Business

i. PN introduced Ibrahim Kote Banta, Secretary for the Community Development Committee (CDC), Madogo Location. PN had already worked with him on a proposal to the CDC, in collaboration with the Arid Lands Resource Management, to help fund the fencing of the school. PN wanted the meeting to recognise that there are other avenues for funding, it wasn’t necessary to always rely on the CDF. PN wondered whether TAS would be prepared to fund a laboratory if the CDC and Arid Lands helped to fence the school. PN agreed to send the relevant information to SC.

ii. The meeting agreed and signed a resolution to close the Garissa KCB bank account as it had never been used. AOL to close account and forward the balance plus all relevant paperwork to SC.

The meeting agreed and signed a resolution that would make Anthony Gross an additional trustee of the Madogo Secondary School Trust. He would also be a signatory for all cheques.



* MG to report back from the next BoG meeting re IT technician..
* SC to contact Dr Nuh Nassir re CDF funding for the dormitory renovation.
* AOL and RG to send detailed list of expenses from their UK trip to SC.
* SC to contact Caroline Croll re possible accommodation options.
* SC to email financial plan/summary template to PN.
* AOL and PN to send soil samples to Makiga, Nairobi.
* PN and AOL to rewrite proposal with financial plan for games.
* AOL and RG to approach organisations in Garissa with regard to work experience.
* PN to forward relevant information regarding CDC and Arid Lands to SC.
* AOL to close KCB bank account in Garissa and forward balance and relevant paperwork to SC.


The meeting ended with a prayer and thanks from PN.

The next meeting was scheduled for Friday 18th September, location to be confirmed.