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Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Evans Ondeiki, Lily Blessing, Solomon Muraya, Janet Strevens, David Morgan




Those present.  Evans,  Solomon, Lily, Janet,Gill M-A.

Apologies from V. Corr ,C. Wainaina

Minutes for meeting on Mon 19th January 2009 read and approved. Proposed by D. M Seconded by GMA

Matters Arising. 

  1. Work experience.
    1. Julius had talked to the school about his WE and there were several interested students.  Careers programme was in place
    2. Good Earth Trust. Based in Gilgil sells machines to make bricks manually.  77,000/- These bricks are made from the local soil (except sand) and this soil is tested to see the proportion of cement needed to make bricks from the local soil. GMA suggested that a group of students went to the project to see if they would be able to run this scheme.  If they were interested then GMA suggested that a proposal be put forward to TAS. Other vocational ideas were discussed including bee keeping. GMA said that TAS were interested in mini enterprises would be interested in receiving a business plan.
    3. Groundnuts. Were unavailable due to the drought
  2. Stuart Scott had agreed in principal to bulldoze the land for a football pitch.
  3. It was confirmed that extra tuition was still banned by the govt. BUT it was allowed for remedial students.  GMA suggested that a proposal be put to TAS for payment for these teachers prepared to this  during the holidays.
  4. GMA reported that the cartridges for the printer were exorbitant therefore did not purchase them.

BOG report .  After discussion with TAS it had been agreed in principal that TAS would fund the building of a new lab with the contribution of 1.5 million and .5 million from the school funds.  Plans had been supplied by Simon Harris  for a twin lab. (free of charge) A tender had been received form a company quoting 4.2 million for this.  This was considered extortionate and examples were given of far cheaper labs.  It was decided to ask GMA to contact Simon Harris and ask him if be would build the lab for us in order to eliminate the middle man.

If this came to nothing then more tenders would be sent out.

CDF. GMA reported that she had had further correspondence with the local MP. And had requested a further meeting with him.  The meeting agreed that she could continue with this contact and if funds did materialize then they would go be designated to building classrooms.


·        Funding procedure. GMA said that the existing form from BOG needed to be forwarded to TAS and should have a have TAS heading and that local input should be stipulated.  She said that funding proposals she had received were inadequate . TAS would meet on 20th May 2009. Proposals from BOG should be forwarded to TAS by this date so they could be considered.

·        The interest accrued of  100,000/- could be distributed by the trust  and it was agreed to fund the  maintenance  bill.

·        Internet Access  Evans reported that he had investigated internet access for the  computer lab.  This would cost 66,000/- for the initial installation and then 36,000/- per year. He said that it could be used as an internet café in order to recoup funds as the teaching of computer skills had had little response this year.  He said that Gilgil charge 2/- minute for use of the internet and said that he would be able to attract users if they charged 1/- min.

Jobs allocated

1.       EO to ring Scott to ask when he would be able to bulldoze the football field.

2.     GMA to ring Harris

3.     GMA to meet MP ?

4.     JS to produce TAS form

5.     Student Body to work out system for measuring cleanliness in order for proposal for incentives to be put forward.

6.     School to do maintenance over holiday with 100,000/- .- from the interest  accrued in the bank. Adequate proposal had been received from BOG

7.     Proposals to TAS  by 20th May for:-

§         Cleanliness

§         Calculators

§         Remedial Teaching

§         Internet Access installation

8.     Team to go to Gilgil to research making brick project. To be delegated.