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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Abas Kunyo, Mike Makau, Musa Gashago, Halima Kofa, Rosaniah Gwiyo




Trustees present:            

Abas Kunyo – AK                                                                         Mike Makau - MM

Anthony Gross – AFG                                                                    Musa Gashago - MG               

Halima J Kofa – HK                                                                       Rosania Gwiyo – RG                           


Peter N’ganga – PN

Sarah Cooper – SC


In attendance:

Abinther Otiende Lugadiru – AOL representing PN

Bob Marshall Andrews - BMA

Gill Marshall Andrews – GMA

Lissa Campbell – LC representing SC

Stephen Kameti - SK


  1. The meeting was opened with a prayer by RG.  AFG proposed to chair the meeting

  1. The Minutes of the meeting on 21 January 2009 were tabled and passed.

  1. Matters arising

·        AOL said there was only 2525/- in Garissa bank and charges were 200/- month and proposed closing it. AFG said this needed input from SC so should keep it open till the next meeting and then decide.

·        There is a problem of intermittent power in the classroom blocks built by Kimanzi. It was thought that the cable used to install the electricity was substandard.  SC to contact Kimanzi.

  1. Renovation of Dormitory – CDF funding

·        Construction had just started on the dormitory. The floor has been demolished and the windows were being removed. The quality of work so far seemed good.  It is not known when the work will be completed.  Ibrahim is the contractor and is known to Otiende.

  1. Global Schools Partnership

·        The 2 teachers for the exchange have applied for their passports. They were going to see if passports ready at 2pm that day.  If not they should talk to Tedman Alu ASAP.

·        DFID are funding 2 teachers from Waldegrave to go to Madogo.  They would like to send a 3rd teacher – a science teacher. MSST need to send a proposal to TAS for this for £1000.

·        GMA asked AOL and RG to inform GMA of what their priorities were whilst in London. If they wanted to see Buckingham Palace etc. They also need to inform Waldegrave whether they have particular subjects or themes in the curriculum they want to concentrate on. GMA emphasised that they must not be afraid to ask Waldegrave for what they need – i.e. microscopes for science department.

·        AOL to check Nomad giving the best deal for the teachers from Waldegrave to stay there.

  1. Income generating projects

·        Goat-keeping – earlier discussions on this project had been minuted and these were handed out to those present with the proposal.  However there was no record of the number of goats to be purchased, the cost of each goat, the likely yield of milk, how much the milk would be sold for and who it would be sold to.  AFG to ask friend to produce template for all income generating projects as MSST trustees lack this expertise. Once MSST have this, they can submit proposal with all the necessary details.

·        Baking – again earlier discussions had been minuted.  Proposal for baking scones, buns and hot-cakes.  The proposal was good however the capital expenditure needs to be separated from the consumables. TAS may help with set up costs and possibly first tranche of consumables but then project must be self-financing.  GMA queried cost of baking trays at 2000/- each for 50.  Again, once have template, MSST  to complete with all necessary details.

·        Poultry – A good proposal but not enough details. Need to know number of chickens, cost of fencing, who would do the fencing, cost of feed etc.  Again, once have template, MSST to complete with all necessary details.

  1. Funding Proposal

·        Games.  Proposal submitted for 428,700/-.  GMA felt this was very high and that there should be some contribution from the school or community.  SC to compare figures with shops in Nairobi.  AOL to find out exact contribution from Government towards school.   It was thought to be a well set out proposal but need more information. SC to investigate whether Lions or Rotary Clubs could assist.

·        Communication.  Proposal from Orange, Telkom. However limited detail.  GMA said TAS would be happy in theory to pay for set up cost but not for monthly costs. They may help for first 6 months but not indefinitely. AFG asked what the school would do with internet. Access for the children but also for the community who would pay to use it which could generate some income. GMA said TAS would be interested in supporting it however more information was needed. There is currently no IT teacher or technician at the school and this was seen as vital. AOL said BoG may be able to provide this and MG to put to BoG. Also should possibly wait for new technology which is said to be reaching Kenya in next few months and should increase speed and reduce costs. AOL to go back to Telkom salesperson who came to school and obtain full report.

At 10.30 the MP, Dr Nuh Nassir arrived so the meeting was adjourned for discussions on CDF funding and presentations by Sophie Mills from The Good Earth Trust and Anne Moore from Kidslibs.  At around 12pm the meeting was continued.

  1. Football coaching

No progress as of yet on this.         

  1. Any other business

·       HK wished SC’s son a speedy recovery.

·       AOL asked whether it was possible to get revision books from TAS and GMA asked that a proposal be submitted.  86 children would be graduating this year.  Around 2-3 were expected to go to university and around 30 were expected to go on to teachers’ college.  The school was looking at extra tuition in the holidays and inter school exams. GMA said TAS would be happy to consider proposals for prizes for this.

·       MM apologised for arriving late and promised it would not happen again.

·       GMA said she would be happy to consider proposals by email

11.  Actions

·         SC to contact Kimanzi re electricity to classrooms.

·         AOL to send proposal for 3rd teacher from Waldegrave to visit Madogo.

·         AOL and RG to liaise with GMA over London visit. AOL to get good rates from Nomad.

·         AFG to ask friend to produce template for income generating projects and email to SC.  All income generating projects to then be written up according to template.

·         SC to try and make contact with Lions or Rotary Club

·         MG to approach BoG re IT technician

·         AOL to go back to Telkom and ask for more details on their proposal.

8.  The meeting ended at 12.15pm.  The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 3 June 2009 at Madogo.