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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Elijah R. Kaahwa Tom R. Kihika Patrick Akora Kate Kabagenyi Sarah Karamagi George Karamagi



  Members present:
    Elijah R. Kaahwa
    Tom R. Kihika
    Patrick Akora
    Kate Kabagenyi
    Sarah Karamagi
    George Karamagi

    Communication from the Chair
    Update on the construction-secretary
    Contract cost variations
    Minutes of previous meeting

      Min: 02/BSST/11/2008: Communication from the Chair
    Started by apologising for the late coming which was due to lack transport.
    Requested the secretary to give reasonable notice at least a week to avoid
    interference in other trustees’ programmes.
    Requested Trustees to always visit the building and make comments in the
    contractor’s diary.
    Reported that the building had reached the fixing of doors and windows stage
    as the roof had been completed.
    Noted that the contractor had given him the prices for doors and windows
    which were above the price in the bills of quantities.
    Reported that he had contacted different fabricators who had agreed to make
    the same items at a much cheaper price.
    Reported concern that there is need to renegotiate with the contractors on
    the possibility of reducing the price quotations.
    Ended by wishing members good deliberations.

      Min: 05/BSST/11/2008: Contract Cost Variations.
    The chairman read out the prices quoted by the different fabricators as per
    the table below.
          ItemSSenyonga CO.TAF Co.FM Technical
          Door without glass220,000=215,000=246,500=
          Window 1500x1500350,000=275,000=304,800=


    He further noted that the price for wooden doors had been inflated by the
    contractor at 400,000= yet other workshops visited by him and the secretary
    respectively had quoted at 270,000= and 285,000=.
    Having looked at the different quotations, the board resolved that the
    cheapest price would not be considered since its quality of products could
    be questionable.
    The meeting further resolved that the chairman, secretary and Treasurer
    should meet the contractor on Saturday 29/11/2008 at 4.00pm with a view of
    further reduction on the cost of windows and doors.

Min: 60/BSST/11/2008: Reading of the Previous Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as a true record of
what was discussed. From the previous minutes it was noted that there is need to
identify more projects for the trust since the science laboratory was nearing
completion. The members thus identified the projects as below.
  Class rooms construction
  More latrines
  Staff houses construction
  Library Construction
    The Board further resolved that since the number of trustees was nine (09)
    members as requested by our friends TAS, other willing members especially
    parents and teachers could join the trust as friends of the trust
    The Board noted the decision made on the solar panel by the funder and in
    view of this resolved that it could not be possible to find another
    therefore the solar power installation could be stayed awaiting the rural
    electrification programme initiated by the government for the sub county
    Having no other matters to discuss the meeting resolved to meet again on
    Monday 05/01.2009 at 2.00pm

    Finally the meeting closed with a prayer led by Kate Kabagenyi at 5.00pm

      Elijah R. Kaahwa      Partrick Akora
      Chairman       Secretary