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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Evans Ondeiki, C. Wainaina, Solomon, Lily, Janet, David Morgan, Gill M-A




Those present.  E.Ondieko, C. Wainaina, Solomon, Lily, Janet , David Morgan, Gill M-A.

Welcome to visitors.    George Kidenda from Build Africa.

Apologies from V. Corr

Minutes for meeting on Mon  15th Sept. 2008 read and approved. Proposed by D. M Seconded by Solomon

Matters Arising. 

  • IT. The course will start this year. It will be an IT/Agriculture option which means 2 classrooms are needed. There is not  another one available. Aplication to take the exam at the under the umbrella of Coboni is on going.  It will cost the student 2,000/- and they will have to find their own accommodation for 2/3 nights.
  • Evans said that he had billed the IT students 500/- to help pay for the costs of the IT Lab.  This was rejected as he had not applied to the Govt. to charge them.
  • Then community teaching did not have many applicants so far this year.

Work experience.

  • Julius had persevered with his 3 months W/E placement at the hotel.
  • The Manager was pleased with him.
  • In future these placements must be managed in order to test the suitabilitry of the applicant.

HM’s Report

  • Evans prepared a report giving the history of the school in order to put the MP in the picture.
  • Intake for form 1’s 2009 are 50.  Highest mark being  402/500
  • The DEO had requested him to take more students from Lodia but these would have to be boarding , so Evans refused due to lack of beds.  Even so, some students are sharing beds.
  • Staffing, 2 Govt. teachers have arrived at the school Julius Nhyre and Alice Nyamburu. The TAS  and BOG funded teachers have been made redundant . Issaac and Harrison


  • The funding of the new buildings. PHASE 2 . It was agreed that the Governors discuss the proposal that local govt. be asked to fund 2.5m for the dormitory. (1/2 m is in the bank.) and TAS be applied to for funding the classrooms and Labs. costing 3m.
  • GMA asked about the possibility of making the bricks using a hand brick making machine.  George said he would investigate this for us.

 Proposals for Funding.   

  • Vire of money saved from teacher replacements. It was agreed that
  • 3000/- per month for 17 months to be given to the 2 TAS teachers to increase their salary in the light that the Govt teachers will have an increase soon. The TAS IT teacher already has 15.000/- month.
  • 51,198/- from (Peter’s in-service training Left) be spent on text books.

Proposals for further funding

  • Maintenance. GMA stated that she considered that maintenance was essential and that she would like to introduce incentives for this. The governors were asked to discuss.
  • Printer. The printer donated by David had run out of cartridges and they did not seem to be available in Kenya.  GMA said she would look for them in UK.
  • The parents had provided funding for a photo printer. It would be installed soon.


  • GMA  suggested that the Manager of Heritage be invited to a career programme and that Julius, the student who had completed W/E in the hotel talk to yr. 4’s
  • DM said that Stuart Scott of Color Crops would be prepared to train a high ability Form 4 student in management skills in his flower Farm if there was such a student without a placement.
  • Lily introduced the idea of income generating schemes.  She knew of a project where groundnuts were crushed to make peanut butter.  She agree to conduct a feasibility study and if the governors  agreed , would prepare a proposal for the Trust.

Langley School

  • A CD, many photos and letters and a newsletter had come from Langley. 
  • GMA suggested that a newsletter be written by Eburru School every 2 weeks to Langley school and e mailed to Langley.


  • Arsenal Football Club UK have a GAP scheme.  The relevant documents were given to Evans to discuss with staff.
  • Evans pointed out that there is no-where to play games and that many students do not have any “games” lessons due to shortage of land.
  • DM suggested that Evans writes to Mr. Scott of Color Crops and ask if he would bulldoze an area of land suitable for a football pitch.

Local School Radio

  • GMA informed the meeting of a local radio scheme that she had seen working with the KWS.

AOB  Solomon asked if it were possible to have funding for revision courses for the students as the Govt have decreed that holiday tuition should not be carried out.

Questions were asked as to why the Gov. had ruled this out. Security? (after the riots) Students should be at home during holidays? It encouraged Staff not to complete the syllabus so that they would be able to collect tuition fees.  The staff were asked to discuss this issue and get back to us.


Evans closed the meeting , thanked us all for attending and apologized for the absence of the MP who had promised to attend the meeting as long as we put the meeting forward to 9 am, (which we did)