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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Peter Nganga Chair, Rosianiah Gwino, Halima Kofa, Mike Makau, Abas Kunyo,


Minutes of the Madogo Secondary School Trust Meeting at Madogo Secondary School 12/11/08


1.      Pater Nganga  (PN)

2.      Rosaniah  Gwino (RG)

3.       Halima Kofa (HF)

4.      Musa Ghashogho (MG)

5.      Abas Kunyo (AK)

6.      Mark Cheroiyot (MC)

7.      Mohammed Hassan (MH)

8.      Osman Aden Issec  (OAI)- Bura CDF Chairman (Bura)

9.      Samuel Mutisya (SM) – CDF Accounts Manager  (Bura)

10.  Ambio Kayo (AK) – CDF Staff – (Bura)

11.  Ambio Guru (AG) – CDF Staff – ( Bura)

12.  Alphan Njiru (AN)- District Educational Officer – Tana River District

13.  Dr. Nur Nassir Abdi- (Member of Parliament ) – Bura Constituency

14.  Mike Makau – (MM)

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting 17/09/08

PN opened the meeting with a word of prayer and welcomed everyone to Modogo Secondary School. He explained that there would be two separate meetings, one for Asako and the other for Madogo. However, MM suggested that the meetings be held together because the Member of Parliament was meant to attend both meetings. The Member of Parliament concurred and stated that the main (Agenda) issue was the CDF funding for both Madogo and Asako. It was agreed to hold one meeting.

i). Bank Account in Garissa

 MM explained that he had given photographs and a copy of his ID to the bank but the deed was not sealed. This has now been done and the deed will be presented to the bank on or before the next meeting.

ii). Provision of Tenders

PN explained that three contractors tended for the work ( renovation of dom and two class rooms) and Mataka General Constructor was awarded the contract. The Member of Parliament explained that he had met Sarah Cooper and Mike Makau in Nairobi and discussed at length the Madogo funding. He said that he was committed to the development of both Madogo and Asako and that CDF funding will be available for both institutions.  After a long and fruitful discussion, phase one of the project in Madogo was agreed. The CDF will renovate the dormitory while TAS will construct the two much needed class rooms.  Both projects should start on or around the 1st December 2008. The CDF will call for tenders using its guidelines and requirements for the dormitory. Kimanzi’s quote will be considered among others.  For phase two of the project, the CDF will construct two more classrooms while TAS will build the laboratory.  The Member of Parliament confirmed that CDF will renovate the Asako classes.

iii). Advertising Pamphlet

PN informed the committee that MM had delivered the pamphlets to the school and that they will assist the school to get more donors.

iv). Global school Partnership

PN explained that he had received application forms for 2008 from DfID Global school partnership and he was in contact with Ms. Caroline Croll of Waldgrave School.  Attached is the form received and the teachers have assigned themselves tasks as to who will do what, as per the guidelines given. With regard to the possible trip to UK PN informed the committee that Madam Rosaniah Gwiyo and Mr. Otiende would be representing the school.

v). Land grabbing

MM thanked the school management for starting the fencing project. PN explained that after he had put up the small fence the land grabbers had left but there is need to fence the school further. The District Education Officer said the fence was very important in school for stopping people from outside from accessing the school compound. He was shocked that there was a path right in the middle of the school. The Member of Parliament said the community should look at the school as their property and that fencing is also part of the development project for Madogo.

Minute 1 Computer

PN informed the committee that the school has received 22 computers and one printer from Bell-Atlanta, an organisation working in Garissa town.  The Computer Lab is now full of computers.  The Member of Parliament informed the committee that he was in touch with an organisation in Mombasa that donates computer to institutions so long as they have computer laboratory. The organisation also offers introductory courses.

Minute 2 Teachers Training

PN explained that the teachers had met and outlined their training needs as follows.

1.      IT

2.      Management

3.      Strategic Planning

4.      Proposal Writing

Minute 3 Income Generation

MM explained that the school needed to come up with income generating projects to support other needy programmes in the school, projects such as Soap Making, Bread Making, Bee keeping. PN said he was thrilled by the idea because the school uses about Kshs. 100,000 every year for detergents. He thanked TAS for coming up with this wonderful idea. The Member of Parliament was also delighted with the idea and he pledged to support it and that CDF and himself will continue working with TAS.  He was ready to contribute 50% or whichever percentage TAS and CDF will agree.


1.         MG thanked everybody for attending the meeting and requested help for the students who  finish Form Four and have good grades but the parents cannot afford to take them to colleges.

2.         SM was pleased with the pace of development in Modogo and thanked TAS for a job well done.  He suggested that the school to organise talks with different personalities to boost the morale of the students.

3.         The Member of Parliament requested the school management to be understanding when sending students home for school fees, if possible the management should get in touch with the CDF offices and find out when the funds for fees will be ready. He thanked TAS for the good work they were doing  in the Constituency and mentioned that he had received requests from other members of Parliament to introduce them to TAS.

4.         PN thanked everybody for attending the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on 21st January 2009

There being no other business the meeting adjourned at 4.00pm