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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Peter Nganga, Rosiniah Gwiyo, Halima Kofa, Musa Gashago, Abinther Otiende Lugadiru, Sarah Cooper, Mike Makau, Ambia Guyo, Ambia Kayo, osman Aden Isak.


Minutes of the Madogo Secondary School Trust Meeting
Madogo Secondary School 17/09/08


 Peter Nganga (PN)     Osman Aden Isak (AOI)
 Rosaniah Gwiyo (RG)     Ambia Kayo (AK)
 Halima.J.Kofa (HK)     Ambia Guyo (AG)
 Musa Gashago (MG)     Mike Makau (MM)
 Abinther Otiende Lugadiru (AOL)  Sarah Cooper (SC)


1.  Matters Arising from Minutes of the last meeting - 02/07/08

PN opened the meeting with a prayer and warmly welcomed everyone to Madogo Secondary School.

i. Bank Account in Garissa - PN opened the bank account. However, MM needed to present passport photographs and a copy of ID. The Trust Deed is also required by the bank.

* MM to take all necessary documentation to the Garissa branch next week

ii. Provision of Tenders - MM organised three building contractors, including Mataka General Contractors (Kimanzi’s company), Watene Enterprises and Mwingi Building Contractors to visit the school and provide tenders for renovation of the dormitory, both a 2- classroom and a 4-classroom block, and the perimeter fence.

iii. Advertising Pamphlet - AOL sent the relevant information to Gill and the pamphlet has now been completed and printed. SC brought some copies to the meeting.

* MM to deliver more pamphlets to the school next week

iv. Global School Partnership - PN wrote a letter to Caroline Croll at Waldegrave School and is now in contact with her.


2. Funding Proposals

The meeting considered the three tenders that MM had organised and agreed that the dormitory and new classrooms should take priority over the fence. AOL brought up the issue of lack of laboratories, and asked whether that could also be given priority when considering new buildings. MM suggested that the school put in a proposal for a 2-classroom block plus a laboratory, as well as renovation of the dormitory.

PN introduced the three contractors and MM explained that all the contractors had similar credentials. The meeting took time to consider the three tenders and compared prices. The meeting agreed that a proposal should be submitted based on Mataka General Contractors’ Bill of Quantity for the dormitory and a 2-classroom block.

* SC to write proposal for refurbishment of dormitory and a 2-classroom block

* MM to request further tender for laboratory from three contractors


3.  Teacher Training

SC introduced the idea of holding teacher training sessions in January. SC explained that Norma Empringham (Chairperson of TAS) and Biddy Holborn would possibly be willing to come and facilitate the training sessions for both teachers and school governors. It was suggested that PN meet and discuss the possible training with his staff and consider which areas would be of interest to them. SC stressed that it was necessary to plan for such training and that the whole staff needed to be part of the preparation process.

* PN to discuss with the staff and liaise with SC on areas of focus

PN followed up with a proposal that TAS fund him to study for a Masters Programme in Project Planning and Management.

* SC to pass the information to TAS


4. Global Schools Partnership

SC produced the email from Caroline Croll of Waldegrave School. PN read the mail to the meeting and the relevant areas of joint study were discussed. It was agreed that PN discuss this further with his staff and write a letter to Caroline Croll outlining possible areas of study.

* PN to send draft to SC and GMA by the end of the following week

5. Marketing Pamphlet

The meeting studied the new marketing pamphlet and PN expressed his delight at the quality of the finished leaflet.


6. Issue of Land Grabbing

MM had spoken with the local M.P Dr Nuh Nassir Abdi the previous day regarding the issue of land grabbing. Dr Nur Nassir Abdi had planned to attend the meeting but was unavailable and sent three representatives (AOI, AG, AK). MM thanked them for attending the meeting on behalf of the M.P. He also thanked Dr Nuh Nassir Abdi who has agreed to contribute 50% towards the cost of any funding for the school.

Regarding the issue of land grabbing, PN explained that the high profile land grabbers have now conceded and were no longer a threat to school land. PN feels that land demarcation will work and explained to the meeting that he has already started to fence the more vulnerable areas of the school land. MM suggested that rather than using a chain link fence, which is particularly expensive, a cheaper option should be investigated, similar to the one at Asako Primary School. It would then be possible to plant trees along the fence to strengthen the demarcation of school land.

* MM to bring up the subject of fencing at the meeting with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)


7. Any Other Business

i. RG wished to correct the spelling of her name in future minutes and correspondence. This was noted by SC.

ii. RG explained that the teachers were keen to meet the TAS team. This was achieved after the meeting when MM and SC met the teachers in the staff room.

iii. AOI thanked the meeting. He wished to extend the M.P’s good wishes and reiterated that he would be willing to support any TAS projects and contribute 50% of all costs.

iv. SC raised the possibility of supplying the school with “Test-It & Fix-It” manuals to help with revision. The meeting agreed that this would be a good idea.

* SC to liaise with the PN and AOL to ascertain which books would best serve the needs of the students
PN concluded the meeting with thanks to all those who participated. He appreciated all that TAS was doing to help and felt that the school now had a future. He also wanted to assure TAS that the school would work closely with them in order to continue to improve.


Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 12th November at Madogo Secondary School.