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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Peter N’gang’a (PN) Abinther Otiende Lugadiru (AOL) Rosiana Gwiyo (RG) Abas Kunyo (AK) Halima Kofa (HK) Mike Makau (MM) Musa Gashago (MG) Sarah Cooper (SC)


Minutes of the Madogo Secondary School Trust Meeting
Asako Primary School 02/07/08



      Peter N’gang’a (PN)   Abinther Otiende Lugadiru (AOL)
      Rosiana Gwiyo (RG)     Abas Kunyo (AK)
      Halima Kofa (HK)  Mike Makau (MM)
      Musa Gashago (MG)  Sarah Cooper (SC)


1. Matters arising from Minutes of the last meeting   -  22.05.08

PN opened the meeting and warmly welcomed everyone to Asako Primary School.

i. Bank Account in Garissa Additional documentation was required in order to open the bank account. PN, SC and MM completed the bank forms and gave the necessary documents and photographs to PN who would proceed with the administration.

* PN to open Garissa bank account

ii.    Perimeter fence MM has spoken to the local M.P Nuh Nassir Abdi, who was going to talk to the local press. MM said that the M.P would contribute 40% of the total cost of the fence. The meeting agreed that 3 quotes would be needed and that the type of fence required by the school would need to be discussed. At the previous meeting the fence took priority, since then however the dormitory has been burned down and needs rebuilding. The M.P explained that he would also contribute to the repairs of the dormitory.

* MM to ask contractors to provide tenders for both the fence and the dormitory repairs.

iii. Laboratory MM spoke to the M.P with regard to the situation on the laboratory. He confirmed that there was in fact no plan for new laboratories.

iv. 4-classroom block there were no new developments on this matter. SC suggested that several tenders would be required.

* MM will contact Kimanzi and ask for a tender, as well as obtaining two other tenders.


2. Bank Accounts

The trustees resolved that two bank accounts be opened at Chase Bank Kenya Ltd, Wabera Street Branch, Nairobi - one Sterling current account and one Kenyan Shilling current account. All trustees signed the relevant forms which would be returned to A.F Gross.

3. Funding Proposals

SC distributed the funding proposal forms, and explained to the meeting that any proposal would need to be presented to the main TAS committee, with at least three tenders, before anything could be agreed and further action taken.

MM suggested that instead of taking each item on the agenda in turn, the meeting should prioritise the needs of the school before anything was proposed. PN suggested that the first priority should be the classroom block, as there was insufficient classroom space for all pupils at present. MM wondered whether the dormitory should now take priority after the fire. MM reiterated that the local M.P has guaranteed to cover 40% of the cost of any work undertaken. It was decided by the meeting that the dormitory and a two classroom block be given priority.

MM urged the meeting to agree on the type of fence needed. SC questioned whether the issue was that of land grabbing or security. PN admitted that land grabbing was the main issue at stake. AOL suggested that parents were also concerned about their children’s security and felt that the fence should be given priority, after the dormitory and extra classrooms. It was agreed that a fence consisting of posts and chain link wire would probably be sufficient but it would be useful to obtain tenders for a brick wall too.

The dining room and science laboratory would be considered at a later date.

* SC and MM to liaise with Kimanzi to provide more detailed tenders for the dormitory, as well as a two classroom block and the fence.



5. Advertising Pamphlet

AOL said that he had already contacted GM regarding the pamphlet. SC confirmed that GM required more detail about the school and stressed that this information was needed urgently, in order for the pamphlet to be printed. This was agreed and AOL would send more information.

* AOL to send more details next week which can be forwarded to GM


6.  Global Schools Partnership Programme

SC introduced the concept of the Global Schools Partnership Programme run by the British Department for International Development (DfID), and read a letter from the Head teacher of Waldegrave School, Twickenham, London.

SC explained that DfID would only accept schools that participate and contribute to the programme and that the link was expected to be of mutual benefit to both schools. A letter would be required from PN stating that Madogo Secondary School (MSS) are very keen to take part and link up with Waldegrave School, giving some background on the school - no. of pupils, age range, subjects taught, geographical location etc. SC stressed that it was important to demonstrate that MSS would be equal partners, and to explain that they were developing some ideas with regard to a shared curriculum, for example environment and science, gardens and growing food, sport and football, languages, art, drama, family history etc.

SC outlined the two stages of the Programme - the 1st phase would essentially focus on planning and acclimatisation, and would involve two teachers from both schools visiting the partner school; the 2nd phase would develop curriculum projects further and possibly include more staff visits.

The deadline for application was November 2008, so it was agreed that PN would write a letter for the next meeting, September 17th. GM would then submit the letter.

* PN to write letter detailing the points outlined above.

7.   Any Other Business

i.  AOL raised the issue of problems with communication, and wondered whether there was any other way of communicating with SC other than email. SC suggested that texting seemed to be working for short messages, however for anything longer other options should be investigated. MM suggested that faxes were now much cheaper and were easily accessible via POSTA.

The meeting closed with thanks from each of the trustees. AK thanked TAS for its’ contribution and wanted to convey the D.E.O’s appreciation. SC thanked all the trustees for travelling to Asako Primary School. PN concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for their contribution to the discussions and promised to fulfil his duties without fail.

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 18th September at Madogo Secondary School