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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



 Minutes of the Madogo School Trust Meeting
Madogo Secondary School    22/05/08


Abas Kunyo  (AK)    Lissa Campbell (LC)
Peter Ng’ang’a (PN)    Sarah Cooper (SC)
Omar Nasoro Dima (OD)   Tony Fitzjohn (TF)
Halima J Kofa (HK)    Mike Harries (MH)
         Rosania Gwiyo (RG)    Joseph Mwangi (JMw)
         Mike Makau (MM)    Justas Maina (JM)
         Gill Marshall-Andrews (GM)   Juma Ali Dido (JAD)
         Bob Marshall-Andrews (BM)   Abinther Otiende Lugadiru (AOL)

1 Peter Ng’ang’a (PN) opened the meeting and warmly welcomed all the guests to Madogo Secondary School. He introduced the Board of Governors and members of the school staff. He then went on to introduce the members of the Madogo School Trust.

Mr Abas Kunyo (Rep for the D.E.O), Mr. Peter Ng’ang’a (Principal), Mr. Omar Nasoro Dima (B.O.G Chairperson), Mrs. Halima.J.Kofa (Community/Parents Rep.), Mrs.Rosania Gwiyo (Member of school staff), Sarah Cooper (TAS representative and secretary), Mr Mike Mwisya Makau (Kalonzo Musioko Foundation representative)

2  Gill Marshall-Andrews (GM) apologised for the delay. She thanked everyone for attending the meeting and introduced the remaining guests. GM explained that the object of the Trust was to sit alongside the Board of Governors, only to support the school. The chairperson and secretary were then proposed and elected by the meeting. Chairperson - Mr. Peter Ng’anga; Secretary - Sarah Cooper

3 PN thanked everyone for electing him Chairperson and proceeded with the meeting.

Bank Account It was agreed that a current account should be opened as soon as possible with KCB as Asako Primary School Trust uses the same bank. Signatories would be Peter Ng’ang’a, Sarah Cooper, and Mike Makau.

Action - PN to organise opening of account.

Pattern of Meetings It was agreed that meetings should be held every two months to fit in with those held with Asako Primary School.

Marketing Text  GM showed a model of a draft pamphlet. Tony Fitzjohn (TF) requested  permission to take photographs of the whole school and asked the meeting to email suggestions for additions to the pamphlet.

4 Funding

 PN outlined the main problems encountered by the school;

* Lack of perimeter fence - the town is developing rapidly, land value is increasing rapidly so school land is being grabbed by prominent people within the local community. A further problem is lack of security. It was felt that the girl boarders were not safe from soldiers stationed in the nearby town, and that a fence would increase general security levels on site.

Mike Makau (MM) said he had already discussed this problem with the local M.P and explained that pressure can be exerted to stop land grabbing. There are funds available from the District Office and the Office of the President can put up a sign saying that this is school land. MM explained that the D.O has the power to help, despite it being a very sensitive issue. MM suggested that local press can report the problem in the newspapers.

Action  -  MM to talk with local M.P and local Press, and secure funds to start fence.

* Staff Accommodation - there is a severe shortage of housing for staff. In particular, priority should be given to accommodate a school matron who would take care of the girl boarders.

* Relevance of school leavers’ education - it was felt that the school should  teach relevant skills to their school leavers, e.g bee keeping, animal husbandry.

* Teacher-student relations - students are now being required to work harder under the new Principal and teacher-student relations are suffering. PN suggested that teachers needed to be strict in order to improve results.

* Lack of library

* Shortage of science laboratories  - there is only one school laboratory to teach three sciences to the whole school.

GM asked Abas Kunyo (AK) what was the position with regard to a new lab. AK said that no money had been allocated, although there was a plan. GM stated that TAS will not replace government funding, and that the government should be pushed to build another laboratory. TAS is able to add extra value, but it is essential that the government provide as much as possible.

Action - MM to talk to  M.P Nuh Nassir Abdi and find out the position on the laboratory.

* Dining Hall - there are no tables or benches; no roof in the kitchen; currently using jikos and firewood for cooking.

GM stated that Asako Primary School now has efficient cookers. MM suggested a multi purpose hall. PN reiterated the problem of a leaking roof in the kitchen. MM wanted clarification of whether it was felt that it was possible to repair the roof or would a new one be required.

* Sanitation facilities - the school needs more toilets. The school population is ever increasing and the existing facilities are old.

* Electricity supply - there is only electricity in the teaching block, none in the dormitories, kitchen or teachers’ accommodation. It was agreed that electricity would also improve school security.

* Shortage of classrooms - there aren’t enough classrooms for Form 3’s and Form 4’s at present and all optional studies classes sit outside. PN requested funding for one block of 4 classrooms.

Mike Harries (MH) asked the school to prioritise their needs. PN suggested that the classrooms and perimeter fence should take priority. GM explained that TAS needs a proposal and expects tenders before any money can be released. She stressed the importance of good value and emphasised that it was the school’s responsibility to find the best quote where possible.

5 Consideration of the Bill of Quantities - a Bill of Quantities was presented for a 4-classroom block. This was discussed and it was felt that the indicative cost was very high. The 4 tenders for labour were then considered.

6 Opening of Tenders - 4 tenders were presented for consideration. The tenders were for labour only;

Construction Company  Amount Ksh
 Machamu    560,000
Kurawa    290,000
Bajira     320,000
Mathu & Bro’s   1,150,000

There was concern that this method of tendering had 2 disadvantages - firstly, it leads to high material costs and secondly, someone from the school would be responsible for the ordering and safekeeping of the materials. MM recommended that more work was needed on this. He suggested that it would be better to get contractors to tender for the whole job and present their Bill of Quantities. PN explained that there was a lack of trust with the construction companies. It was felt that if TAS bought the materials they would have an assurance that they would be using good quality materials. MH suggested that they get a tender for the whole job, including materials. TF urged the school to find a good contractor and would seek help from MH.

Action  - MH and TF to liaise about the contractor.

7 The meeting concluded at 6pm with speeches from GM who expressed gratitude for the very warm welcome that was extended by the school, and the cooperation that exists between the Board of Governors and the Madogo School Trust. Justas Maina (JM) also expressed thanks to all involved in the meeting, in particular PN for hosting the meeting and welcoming everyone. To conclude, Rosania Gwiyo (RG) gave a vote of thanks and expressed appreciation for the positive working relationship between the Madogo Secondary School and TAS.

Next meeting scheduled for Wed 3rd July at Asako Primary School.