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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Diane Ellis, Sandy & Elizabeth Riddell, Karamagi George, Kasangaki Stephen, Akora Patrick, Kabagenyi Kate, Kaahwa Elijah




1. Diane Ellis
2. Sandy & Elizabeth Riddell
3. Karamagi George
4. Kasangaki Stephen
5. Akora Patrick
6. Kabagenyi Kate
7. Kaahwa Elijah

Diane Ellis was delighted to meet the members who were prompt. She further introduced herself annd why she was interested in donating to Buheesi S.S.
Sandy left the meeting since he had another appointment with the Nyakasura Head teacher at that very time.

Other members too expressed their delight to meet Diane, Elizabeth and Sandy and showed their readiness to work with them to meet the objectives of the trust.

Asked about the Bank Account, the Headmaster explained that the procedure to get one required inauguration of the trust and certification which was not yet done. Diane explained her incapability to fund this whole proposal of the Lab sent to her by e-mail, and the proposal was cut to about two thirds to fit the funds available but leave room for expansion when more funds are got.

She further distributed leaflets about the School and information she had captured when she first visited the School in March 2007 which looked nice and exact. She was commended for the good work done and further requested for a biography of the School to be made and sent to her.

By brainstorming contribution – a list of School needs was made and added to the one already existing and this includes:
- - Solar Panels
- - Computers
- - Library
- - Water Tank  - to harvest water from the roof
- - Duplicating machine
- - Staff Accommodation
- - Class room Blocks

- - Patrick who is the Headmaster inquired on which bank to use, if funds were to be channelled, giving the possibility of Stanbic being more international and CERUDEB being local but with Western Union Money Transfer. Diane promised to give a feedback before she leaves.
- The team, i.e. Diane, Anne, Elizabeth and Sandy were to visit the School on Thursday 21st February 2008 at 10.00 am. To meet the other trust members and to sign the trust deed.
- Diane explained about Web page in case it was needed one in a while, she promised to link the School to her brother or son who can do it at no cost.
- It was further agreed that an e-mail address be opened up for the School.
- Thursday would sign the trust deed and proceed to apply for a certificate then open a bank account.
- Members then posed for a group photo with Diane and closed the meeting at 3.30 pm.


Patrick Akora      Elijah Kaahwa
Secretary       Chairperson