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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Tariku Gebre, Yohannes Nigussie, Terri O'sullivan, Tasew Bekele, Mohammed Haj Abdul Kadir, Aster Wolebo, Hirpha Jibe (arrived late). Apologies: Abu Kawo.


Meeting Minutes

                             Date:           29/04/2008

                             Time:                   9:30Am

                             Place:         Kimphe Langano Elementary School

Presents: -  Gill Mershal Andrews    From TAS (secretary)

                 - Tariku Gebre                  Secretary    KLSHG

  - Terri O’Soullivan             College instructor

  - Yohanes Nigussie           College instructor

  - Tasew Bekele                  Oromia Educational Bureau

  - Mohammed                    School Principal

  - Aster Wolebo female teacher and other members of the self-Help Group,

Opening of the meeting.

- Gill mashal opened the meeting with general introduction.

- She introduced the mission statement of the TAS/KLASHG.

- These mission includes that:

  • TAS/ KLASHG work in partnership with Local people and Oromia educational bureau.
  • There must be always transparence.

-         Gill also introduced that the members are too big to give decisions and needed to have (conduct) the meeting with executive board (representatives) of the general assembly.


          The members of executive board are the following and they are from different sectors.

  1. Principal of the school   - Mohammed
  2. Chairman of the Kebele - Hirpha Jibe
  3. Chairman of the PTA      - Abu Kawo

4.     Tariku Gebre                  - Secretary and educated person from the local people and because of his story

5.     Terri O’sullivan              - College instructor and Addis Ababa resident.

6.     Yohannis Nigusie:          - Educated person from the community and because of his history.

7.     Bishangari Lodge Manager (none at present)

8.     Tasew Bekele                 - Oromia Educational bureau (at his absence, any person from the bureau can represent)

9.     Aster Wolebo                  - female teacher from KLSLG and staff representative.

-         After Some questions from other members, Ato Yohannis Nigussie was accepted as a new member an appointed as a chairman of the KLSHG.

-         He also chaired the executive board meeting replacing Gill Marshal Andrews.

-         Matters arising.

-         Agreed constitution (English translation) was given to Gill.

-         Membership.  The committee agreed with the existing tewenty members and also accept three additional individuals as members.

§         Hirpha Jibe                 - Current chairman of the kebele

§         Terri O’sullivan           - College instructor from Addis Ababa

§         Yohannis Nigussie      - Yohann’s Nigussie  - Chairman of the


§          Bank Account and the three signatories.

-         Tariku Gebre

-         Terri O’Sullivan

-         Yohannis Nigussie are assigned as the bank signatories.

-         The bank account will be opened in May 2008 at Arsi Negelle commercial Bank.

-         The Signatories do not pay any cash for any body.

- Proposals for funding.

§         The Tenders retuned the BID and it was found that the cost was too high for five classrooms as a result. Ato Taswe Bekele was given assignment to work on costs for four classrooms as well as to check the cost the Bidders presented.

Top Four-Six students:

§         The self help group agreed to sponsor four- six students for four years (at least one girl)

§         The teachers of the schools are given assignment to set criteria to select students and present them to the self-help group.

§         Tariku was assigned as responsible persons to buy the necessary materials and pay the cost.

§         The criteria should be set before grade 8th regional exam period.

New Desks:

  • The committee agreed to pay for 94 desks.
  • Also the committee made decision how to transport desks to the school and find out transportation cost and send the cost to TAS (care of Gill).

Community Contribution to the School

  • “Woreda educational bureau will  pay salary for about 15 teachers”
  • Taswe Bekele “unpaid salary will be settled with lesperance but woreda educational bureau  is not responsible”
  • Oromia educational bureau agreed to go to lesperance and settle salary for unpaid 5month.


  • Currently the government is paying salary for about 11 teachers on contract base till June.
  • Community people should feel and work for the school and do activities like fencing the school, Garden, repair (i.e fresh paint)
  • The community people agreed to work for the school in any thing they can do and the chairman of the “Kebele” agreed to mobilize people when necessary.

Tenders and costs they [presented.

-         Three bidders were present with their cost

1.     Lemani construction presented the cost of 912,773.40 ETB with Added VAT.

2.     Fufa  Legisa Presented the cost of 932,006.575 ETB with added VAT.

3.     Asres Tegaye 985,724.83 with Added VAT.

The meeting was ended at 1:30 Pm. By giving assignment to Tariku, Yohannes and Terri to open bank account and report the account to the TAS.

Tariku Gebre

Secretary Kimphe Langano Area Self Help Group.

Many thanks to all of you