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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah Headteacher,   Ismail Dubie teacher,  Stephen Kameti,  Gill Marshall-Andrews

Apologies:   Zahra Aden Frederic,  Hussein Senior Chief,   Stephen Kameti,  Gill Marshall-Andrews

School update:

There were locusts in the compound yesterday but they didn’t stay for long.  They have attacked the NYS rice project nearby though.

Roll:  406 students on roll of which 44 have not returned since the closure.  They are being followed up by the chief.  It is expected that all will return in the coming weeks.


There are currently 3 TSC teachers – the HT, and two others, one of whom will go on maternity leave next month.  This leaves 2 teachers for over 400 children!

The TSC allocation is 9 teachers but when I phoned up about this from the HT’s office I was told that the staff ‘run away’ when they are posted to this area.

(Post meeting note:  Stephen and I visited the offices in Garissa and spoke to the local head of the TSC about this lamentable situation.  He promised to do something about it).

There are 3 PTA teachers and 5 young National Youth Service men who supplement the staffing.

The Board of Management needs to be re-constituted.  Currently there is no-one responsible for the running of the school and its finances except the HT who is now doing so virtuallyl alone.  He badly needs a Deputy and other qualified teachers to support him as well as a properly constituted BOM.

There is a severe lack of suitable latrines especially for the girls.  6 in all, 2 for the staff, 2 for 212  boys and 2 for 190 girls.

The dining hall funded by the Ministry is not in use because there is no food!

There is confusion about whether the government tablets provided to all schools 3 years ago are  in use.  There was no evidence that they were being used by students but the laptops for teachers do seem to be being used.


The library is in use and the recently purchased chairs and TV are evident.  It is clear that better use of the TV could be made by flashdisks etc.

The school will develop proposals for a new gate – the old one is insecure - and 2 new toilets for girls.