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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Benjamin Mwanzia  Headteacher,   James Matambu  Class 7 teacher, Joseph Shoka Charo  Class 5 teacher,   David  Gachoki Mburu   Class 2 teacher,    Macdonald   Charo  Class 4 teacher,  Stephen Kilundo  St 3 teacher,   Stephen Kameti  TAS/KWS ,  Gill Marshall-Andrews  TAS UK.

School update:

The school re-oened partially in October for Class 4 students.  All teachers were present but only 9 students reported out of a total of 14 on roll.  Only 2 girls.

The school opened fully on 4 January with 73 boys on roll (59 reported) and 23 girls on roll (11 reported).  This imbalance is a source of great concern.  Stephen will speak to Abas. 

The missing students are being chased up by the chief.

There are 5 TSC teachers with one more expected to come.  All are men, which may explain why there are so few girl students.  The school has never had a female teacher.


Funding has been in place for some time for an Education Day to raise awareness in the community and encourage parents to send their children to school – particularly their girls.  The HT says there are no more girls in the community but this cant be the case?

The HT has promised to hold an Education Day in March.

There is also a problem with the TV because the government provided solar system does not work.  The school is waiting for a government technician to repair it and replace the batteries.  This is a problem across the country.

The HT will prepare a proposal for a new source of solar energy - ?mKopa ? - so the TV can be used .  It will be particularly helpful for this to be in place before the Education Day so films and DVDs can be shown to encourage attendance and conservation.