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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Mbugua Kariuki Heaadteacher,  Gill Marshall-Andrews  TAS UK.

The IT teacher James Kanyi joined the meeting for a short time.

Apologies:  Nicole Church, Kara Hamblen.

Numbers on roll:

303 boys are in school, down 12 from March.

265 girls are in school down 12.

Total 568.

The HT expects that all these will return with assistance from the chief.

Numbers in the school are slightly declining – there are fewer in the lower classes.  This is felt to be because another state primary school is growing down the hill, and also a private mission school.  Fewer numbers should mean smaller classes and  higher standards in the years to come.

Teachers:  17 TSC teachers and 4 BOM (funded by parents). All are in school.

Classrooms and COVID catch up

With the 3 classrooms newly re-furbished by TAS there are now 18 classrooms in use.  There are also 2 more in fairly poor state used as stores. These could be turned into usable space if there were more teachers.  The HT will now apply to TSC for additional teachers.

The new classrooms , with new desks funded by the government,  are being used by Class 8 students – 30 to a class.  They take their KCPE in March, thus making up the two ‘lost’ terms in 2020.

The academic years 2021 and 2022 will be divided into 4 terms with very short holidays.

The 2021 Class 1 intake will enrol in July, and by 2023 all students will have recovered the lost time and the terms will revert to normal.


Government funding has been received for COVID related items ie handwashing stations , thermometers and desks.  The school will use some of this money to replace the 14 taps that have been stolen during lockdown.

There has been no known COVID in Eburru but all the staff and children were wearing masks.

The tree nursery is in poor shape as no-one has been tending it.  Rhino Ark have been to the school and a new bank account is being opened .  This should ensure that the nursery can operate independently of the school. 

School funds:  Parents (263 of them) currently pay 650 per parent per term regardless of how many children they have at the school.  This is an unusual system but was in place when the HT arrived and so has been continued. 

The school has cut down some trees that were too close to the latrines and neighbouring houses.  They sold the timber for 50k and used the funds to pay for the secretary and the caretaker for 6 months.


There is some water in the big tank which is now connected to the gutters in the new classrooms.  This tank in turn is connected to the concrete handwashing station where there are currently 2 taps instead of 16.  See above for HT’s undertaking to address this.

TV , tablets and internet

The TV is not in use because it lacks a de-coder.  (This is not necessary for DVDs so maybe the school seek to purchase some).

The laptops  issued by the government in 2018 are being used by the teachers but the students’ tablets are not in use because there is no internet. (? The curriculum was originally intended to be put onto the tablets so internet would not be required)

However, the IT teacher is keen to get these items into use and will write a proposal for funding of internet access.