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Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Note of a meeting of Kaseluni Primary School Trust on

27 February 2020-03-10


Mr Mbiri M Daniel HT, Mr Mumbere Daniel  Teacher,  Mr Mutharu Alex  BOM chair,  Stephen Kameti TAS/KWS, Gill Marshall-Andrews  TAS UK.

The newly appointed tree caretaker Harrison Kilonzo Mutinda joined the meeting later.

School update:

172 children are enrolled –94 boys and  78 girls.

Class 1 the new intake are 25 – 10 girls and 15 boys.

Class 2 are 19 – 14 boys and 5 girls.

There are 5 TSC teachers and 3 BOM teachers.  The county pays for 1 ECD teacher.

The school now had 6 permanent classrooms.  4 have been funded by TAS and 2 (including one that is unfinished and one that is unusable currently because of poor quality blackboard paint) funded by CDF.  They need 2 more.

Exam result improved as follows.

2018  Mean score  169 and 7 children took the exam

2019  Mean score 180 and 15 children took the exam.

The target for the current class 8 is 220 with 22 children taking the exam.

Proposals for funding

The school wants to extend the wiring from the ECD solar panels to 5 classrooms.  They will seek support for this from the MP and CDF.

Also from CDF they will seek guttering and water tanks for the CDF funded classrooms

Forest project

The tree planting has gone well, second time round.  The first pilot planting had only 60% success rate but the most recent planting of over 400 trees in 3 blocks has gone well.  The rains have helped in this but now the caretaker is in place it is expected that the school will be able to keep the trees alive through the dry times.

ASDF (African Sand Dams Foundation) will visit the school on 10 March to assess the community’s contribution of sand, and stones.  If they think there is sufficient then the construction of the large tank can start straight away.