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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Note of a meeting at Jarajara Primary School on

22 October 2019

Present:  Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah Headteacher,   Zahra Aden Frederic Hussein Senior Chief,  Ismail Dubie,  Fatima Adow,  Stephen Kameti,  Gill Marshall-Andrews plus  2 teachers and 3 members of the National Youth Service (serving as teachers)

School update:

The TAS funded water connections and piping has been successful and there seems to be a good water supply in the school – at least temporarily.

There are still only 3 TSC teachers (2 more are expected in January), 1 ECD teacher and 6 members of the National Youth Service in the staff.

404 students are on roll plus 60 ECD children.

The Rights of the Child Club (ROC) now has 48 members – 28 girls and 20 boys.  The club is run by a teacher who has received specialist training from the Child Network NGO.  Each member of the club gets a present of a backpack and solar lamp with additional gender specific items – eg sanitary pads, soap and panties for the girls and maths sets for the boys!!  They do get soap too!

1000 trees have been planted in the school compound and are being watered by NYS who have a base nearby.  A truly wonderful sight!  Each block of seedlings are protected by a thorn fence to keep the goats etc away.

The staff quarters are very successful and the HT was ecstatic about them.  They have built a small fence around to create a little compound.   There are 3 rooms which can house 5 teachers with a kitchen and toilets nearby.

There is another 10k litre tank allocated to the school by the Womens Rep (a supernumary MP nominated by the county).  They now need transport and a slab.

There is now a mains power line to the boundary of the school.  The only solar power is to the ICT  room.

Possible projects:

Connection to the mains power line.  I suggested they consider solar power as a long term cost effective alternative.  HT will pursue costings for both to dormitory and staff house. 

The library is in good use but lacks story books for older students.

A TV and DVD player would be a real asset for both curricular and extra curricular use.  Especially for the boarders.