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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Notes of a meeting at El Rar Primary School

on 20 October 2019.


Benjamin Mwanzia  Headteacher, Mac Donald  TSC teacher,  Joseph Shoka  TSC teacher

Stephen Kameti and Gill Marshall-Andrews


David Kombe  El Rar TAS trust Secretary

School update:

There are 3 TSC teachers – all present and male – and no BOM funded teachers.  They hope for another TSC teacher in January.  There is no ECD teacher. The community and parents are not positively disposed to education and will not contribute to additional teachers’ salaries.

With 3 teachers and 8 classes each form is mixed aged.  This is very difficult for the teachers given the pedagogic constraints of the curriculum.

7 candidates (6 boys and 1 girl) are about to take the KCPE. Because numbers are low the HT will take them to Madogo for the exam next week.

Numbers on  roll are ??????

There were no children in school as it was a public holiday.

The teachers view is that the main challenge at El Rar is language.

The children and community speak Somali and have only limited understanding of Swahili, let alone English.  The teachers do not speak Somali.  It is clear that the lack of a Somali speaking ECD teacher leaves the children unprepared for primary school.

There was a long discussion about projects that might encourage parents and children into the school .


The tank repair is complete but there has been no rain yet. The kitchen looks good and is clean. The classrooms are well kept.   No trees have been planted and the outside space is brown, dusty and littered with occasional goats and donkeys wandering around.  There is no fence yet. 

The teachers feel that a TV and DVD player would help with the language problem and this will be the next project for the school.  They have solar power in the ECD classroom.

The school also urgently needs a female teacher and GMA /SK will speak to the Ministry about this.