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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Note of a meeting at Boka Primary School on

20 October 2019

The meeting was scheduled for 10am and on arrival there was only the HT Mr Makau present.

The fence was broken down in many places, most of the trees planted during the conservation day with the Governor have died.  There is litter throughout the compound.  Some work had recently  been started on the repair of the sub standard banda but  there was much to do still.

The meeting was re-scheduled to 1pm when the HT was accompanied by several members of the community who I had not seen before:  Farhya Mohamus, Barhu Ibrahim, Mohamed Abdullah, Mohamed Hajir, Abdikarim Aadan,

I decided that it was not worth sitting down for a meeting with the state of the school as it was.  I agreed to return in February to review the situation and particularly the commitment of the parents and community to their school.

386 on roll, 200 boys and 186 girls.

Teachers:  8 TSC,  including 2 female.