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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Notes of a meeting on 19 October 2019


New headteacher Mr Mbiri Daniel  (0724 807 390), Alex Mutharu DHT, Elijah Muthui Chairman of PTA, Lut Laenen TAS Secretary,   Stephen Kameti and Gill Marshall-Andrews.

School update:

The school roll 192  (95 boys, 98 girls) excluding 37 ECD chilren

Candidates:15  (6 boys, 9 girls)

Teachers:  5 TSC  all male.  ? BOM teachers.

Infrastructure.  There are now 5 classrooms  - 4 built by TAS and one nearly completed by the CDF. 

The TAS buildings have gutters but these do not always connect to the tanks!  The CDF building has no gutters.  The school has agreed to sort out the existing gutters – hopefully in time for the rain.  A new tank is required and the CDF will be approached to put gutters on their classroom.

Some of the window latches on the new buildings have broken already.

The fence is in good order but there is a problem with rabbits burrowing under the wire and eating the new seedlings.  The school will purchase chicken wire and put it around the bottom of the fence.

New projects:

TAS has funding for a groundsman to  look after the trees and do repair jobs around the school compound.   A person has been identified.

It was agreed that the school will convene a meeting on 26 October when Stephen Kameti will return to meet the candidate.  He will be paid 5000k per month.  The school will open a new bank account into which TAS will pay the salary on a half yearly basis.

The school PTA will bring water for the trees and will monitor performance.  LL will draft a job description.

It was emphasised that the Kaseluni Forest Project is of great significance as it is being viewed as a model for rolling out to other schools.

(Post meeting note)  The womens rep for Kitui has arranged for a new tank to delivered and the job description has been drafted.