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New books for Kaseluni Primary School
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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


Note of a meeting at Kaseluni Primary School on 28 January 2019Present:   Moses Mwangangi HTAlex Mutharu – D/H Christine Munyoki – ECDE teacher / secretary local trust.Stephen Kameti TAS/KWS Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS UKApologies:Lut Laenen Secretary Kaseluni TrustSchool update:There are 205 students on roll including 37 ECD.  91 girls and 114 boys 6 TSC teachers and 3 BOM teachers plus one ECD teacher paid for by County.The HT reported that there had been a significant increase in parental participation.  They parents have built a new mud hut for the staff and repaired their latrines.  They have also repaired the kitchen and started clearing the fence line for the new fence.There are 17 students in Standard 8 who will sit the KCPE at the school for the first time in November.  New projectsThe TAS funded 2 new classrooms are about to be started.  Also the fence for the pilot Forest Schools project.GMA will write to County about the Forest Schools project to request they send a surveyor to assess water situation and take necessary action to bring a reliable supply of water for the trees.The County will also be requested to provide ECD furniture and eqiupment.The MP has agreed to complete the CDF funded classroom and build another one.  This will bring the total new classrooms to 6 which will leave only 2 more to build. Just a Drop will be approached to consider a large water tank via African Sand Dams Foundation, similar to the very successful one at Mitamysi.