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Kora Secondary gets its library
Kora Secondary School is expanding fast and badly needed a library.  ....(read more)

Mama Leyla donate 40 solar study lights to TAS schools
Mama Leyla, a charity in Kenya that employs vulnerable women to assemble ....(read more)

Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
Kora Secondary School has received 2 laptops and a printer for curriculum ....(read more)

Minutes from Trustees Meeting


 Notes of a meeting at El Rar Primary School on 28 January 2019Present:  Moses Mwangangi  HT,.Alex Mutharu - dp h/t, .Christine Munyoki - ECDE teacher / secretary local Trust. Stephen KametiGill Marshall-Andrews
Update:  there are 205 children on roll now including 37 ECD. 91 girls and 114 boys. 17 students in Standard 8 will be sitting their KCPE at the school for the first time.The school has 6 TSC teachers and 3 BOM teachers plus 1 ECD teacher paid for by the County.There has been a significant  and gratifying increase in parental participation.  The parents have built a new mud hut and repaired the latrines for the teachers.  They have also repaired the kitchen and are starting to clear the ground for the new fence.There is a lot of excitement about the idea of a Forest School. The MP has undertaken to finish the CDF classroom and to build another one.GMA will write to County Governor requesting that they assess the water supply which will be needed if the trees are to thrive.The 2 new TAS classrooms are about to be started. GMA will approach Just a Drop to see if they would take on another project at Kaseluni - the tank at Mitamysi has been a huge success.