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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


 Note of a meeting at El Rar Primary School on 28 January 2019.PresentBenjamin Mwanzia HeadteacherMcdonald Mughe Deputy Chair of BOM Mohamed Ahmed ParentStephen KametiGill Marshall-Andrews Apologies:  David Kombe Secretary El Rar Primary School TrustUpdate:There are 100 children on roll and 25 in the ECD.The school looked in good order – clean and tidy.  The cupboards in the classrooms have helped a lot. There was nice planting of flowers outside the classrooms. The school plans to hold its Education Day for the community in March. The target is 100 adults.  It is hoped that various dignitaries eg MP, MCA, County Minister of Education, AEO etc will attend  this event to drum up support for the school.Projects for funding:Guttering on one building, 2 tanks and taps. A fence in due course and a water supply that is not salty. 

GMA presented the TAS Child Protection Policy which was discussed. All members of staff will sign the Code of Conduct and SK will collect the signed forms.