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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


 Notes of a meeting with Jarajara Primary School Headteacher as Asako Primary School
On 28 January 2019.
Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah, Stephen Kameti, Gill Marshall-Andrews
Update: It was not possible to drive to the school so the HT came to Asako to meet us. 
There are now 492 children on roll and only 3 TSC teachers.  The Youth Service provides 7 assistant teachers to make up numbers.  This is a good solution to a very real problem.  GMA agreed to write again to the TSC to urge the appointment of more qualified teachers.
There are 24 Standard 8 students and the new intake to Standard 1 is 61.
The 2018 KCPE results were down on 2017.  Several factors are cited – children moving away, poor intake, low quality and quantity of teachers.  The HT assures us the MS will improve this year.
Girls are almost always coming out on top now – maybe because of the girls dormitory.  It is hoped that the boys dormitory due to be funded by CDF will bring about an improvement in the boys results.
The water project funded by TAS with money vired from Educational Day and trip has been hugely successful. 
The trees are mostly still alive and growing. 
New projects
The school badly needs the staff accommodation which has been approved by TAS and awaits funding.  Also needed is a printer and laptop for the HT.
GMA introduced a discussion about Child Protection and requested that HT discusses within the school.  SK will collect signed Code of Conduct Forms later.
Debatemate project was discussed and greeted with enthusiasm.