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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


Mitamysi Secondary School Trust meeting 26 Jan 2019Present:Paul Nzuki  Principal, Acothy Ndoo, Simon Mwasya (Pastor), Gideon Kitheka (PTAchairman), Samuel Mutemi (Chief)., Joel  Kimaku (Area Village administrator) , John Kimanzi ( WOA representing MCA).In attndance:Stephen Kameti and Gill Marshall-AndrewsSCHOOL UPDATEThe new HT Paul Nzuki introduced himself. Since his arrival two weeks ago he has initiated several changes. Firstly he has moved into one of the classrooms at night in order to comply with ministry requirements for the safety of boarding students. He has fenced the girls dormitory which is now overflowing. He has allocated a classroom as a temporary dormitory and bought bunks for the boys who previously were sleeping on the classroom floor. So there is an urgent need for a small house for the principal till some staff quarters can be built. The new ASDF water tank is huge – 150,000 litres. They say that it will fill from 2 classroom roofs. The handwashing tanks are installed and the students have been trained. They have also been trained to make detergent from industrial salt, folic acid, some sort of unnamed booster and water. The form 1 intake is 48 of which 36 are girls. This reflects the girls dormitory provision. More boys are expected when they have a dormitory. The  KCSE results were poor but the girls did slightly better.The school has 8 TSC teachers so the curriculum is covered. But the science lab has still not been equipped and is being used as a classroom. The new HT is a Physics teacher. CHILD PROTECTIONGMA presented the TAS CP statement for discussion. The HT agreed to discuss with staff. The Code of Conduct forms will be signed by staff and Stephen will collect them on his next visit. SUCCESS INDICATORSGMA presented the new TAS document outlining the 5 areas of improvement we will be looking at. This was discussed and thought to be helpful. PROJECTS In order of priority the need is:2 small temporary rooms for the headteacher so he can supervise the students on site overnight. 174,000 Kes. Boys dormitoryFenceStaff units x4LibraryThe CDF will complete the science lab and may build an administration block or dining hall.