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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




22 OCTOBER 2018

Present:  Moses Mwangangi  HT,.Alex Mutharu - dp h/t, .Elijah Muthui - parents chair, Christine Munyoki - ECDE teacher / secretary local trust.

 In attendance:  Stephen Kameti, Gill Marshall-Andrews

Apologies:  Lut Laenen TAS Kaseluni Secretary

School update:

There are 147 students 71 boys and 36 girls. 

In Standard 8 there are 7 KCPE candidates, 5 girls and 2 boys.  In Standard 7 there are 10 girls and 5 boys.  Throughout the upper school there are more girls than boys as the boys are dropping out.  They are attracted to the boda boda (motorbike) culture and also they can earn money from the Somali camel owners by fetching water for the camels.  This is a trend that needs to be watched.  The Chief is involved in getting the truants back.

27 students are expected for Standard 1 in January.

There are 3 new classrooms – 2 are TAS funded and one is CDF funded. 

TAS now has funds for another 2 classrooms so new tenders are needed.

There is a possibility that the county may do a borehole near the school.  Another avenue is for a large tank to be built near the dam.  As the dam overflows when it rains a large tank would capture the overflow and could provide a source for the school throughout the year.

Possible new projects:  2 x classrooms, books, ECD resources and equipment.

Next meeting planned for late January 2019