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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Meeting on 21 October 2018 at Jarajara Primary School .

Present:  Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah,   Zahra Aden Frederic,  

In attendance:  Jimno Pertet - deputy warden ; Garissa ( KWS),  Stephen Kamaeti,  Gill Marshall-Andrews plus 6 members of the National Youth Service.

Apologies:  David Kombe TAS Jarajara Secretary

School update:

The 6 young men from NYS who have been co-opted to be unqualified teachers were present.  All seem keen and the HT is pleased with their performance.

The dormitories have been in partial use until now pending delivery of beds and mattresses from UNICEF.  They are expected to be in full use at the start of the new school year in January.

A very successful event with the MP was held – he brought pencils for the students.

The library looked in good order with furniture and books.  It is in full use on a rota basis out of school hours .  It cant be used during school time as the teachers feel they have to teach to the curriculum  in class time.  We discussed the use of the library for independant study but there is as yet no time for this in the primary curriculum.

The KCPE exams start next week.  Good results are hoped for.

Every classroom has one of the TAS funded conservation posters displayed.

The trees have been well cared for and watered and are growing slowly.

SK agreed to try and get KWS to bring in conservation DVDs when the school has a DVD player.  They will put forward a proposal to TAS. for this.

The county has installed 2 new water tanks and NYS is supplying 500 ++ tree seedlings.

The school wishes to vire 250,000 Kes from funds sent for an educational trip and an education day to a new water project.  The HT will write to request this.

Next meeting will be late January 2019 – hopefully.