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Minutes from Trustees Meeting











Stephen Kameti  TAS / KWS co-ordinator -SK

Abdirahman s.Abdilahi -   HT Jarajara Primary School -ASA

Edward M. Omao - HT  Asako PrimarySchool – EMO

Joseph Nzughu - HT Mitamysi Secondary School -JN

Hellen Ndeti  -Secretary Mitamysi Sec School Trust  - HN

Moses M. Mwangangi - HT Kaseluni Primary School -MMM

Lut Laenen  -  Secretary Kaseluni Primary School Trust -LL

Mohmed Hassan -  HT Boka Primary School  -  MM

Gill Marshall-Andrews  -  TAS Secretary UK -GMA

Benjamin Mwanzi -  HT El Rar Primary School -BM

Victor M.Mwania -  HT Kora Secondary School  - VMM



1.David Kombe  Secretary  Jarajara and El Rar Primary Schools  - DK

2. Carol Barton – Secretary Boka primary school  - CB.


In attendance:


Hon Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka  - SKM ; attended for part of the meeting.

Days Agenda

1. Arrivals and tea 10 am. - SK

2. Welcome remarks, self introduction and taking apologies. 10.30 am  - GMA/SK.

3. Respective schools update 10.40 AM.  -  Each Head teacher.

5. Update on conservation days, Conservation posters and Debate Mate program 11.15 AM .-  GMA/SK.

6. Proposal writing – good practice 12.30 noon. – GMA

7. Evaluation /way forward.  1.45 PM . - GMA/SK.

8. Lunch and departure 2.00 PM.


Stephen Kameti and Gill Marshall-Andrews welcomed the group and thanked them for making the long journey to Mwingi. After that the participants were encouraged to do self introduction.


2.  Schools update by Headteachers.


Boka primary school

325 on roll including 155 girls.

8 TSC teachers.

Exam results were disappointing.

The banda is now complete and is being used.  First use was a parents meeting.  Parents were appreciative and now students are using it.  Contractor waiting for second payment of 45%.

HT indicated that the mass of new education policies and information requirements were very onerous and meant that he had to be away from school a great deal.

Kaseluni primary school

141 on roll including 70 girls

5 TSC teachers

KCPE  Mean Score 181.   10 candidates including 6 girls.

Completed project this year.

45 desks are in place.

Ongoing project.

The 2 new TAS classrooms are nearly complete. 

Funded project to implemented.

A trip to Meru is being planned.

Education day to be implemented 6th March 2018.


Mitamisyi secondary school

108 on roll including 64 girls.

Form 1 enrollment  26 including 19 girls.

KCSE Mean score 1.89.

Completed project this year; Renovation of 4 classrooms.

Girl’s dormitory is full.

 African Sand Dams Foundation  water project is still on track. This is joint partnership school community and ASDF. The school has 80% completed her part of local contribution.

Asako primary school

222 on roll including 80 girls

Teaching staff: 7 TSC teachers  and 2 BOM teachers.

60 boarders including 20 girls.

KSPE Mean score  163.  35 candidates including 17 girls.

The exam centre is 150km away which disadvantages these students. The school community requests the school to have its own exam centre; at the school.

Water is now piped into school and school plans to use the water to carryout tree planting project .


-          Bodaboda business.

-          Exam centre very far.

Project  funded and yet to be implemented; purchase of printer/photocopier machine.

Jarajara primary school

418 on roll including 205 girls.

3 TSC teachers.  National Youth Service are providing 5 classroom assistants – they are not trained teachers but are helping with classes not covered by teachers.  Recruitment and retention of staff is a big problem.

KCPE mean score 282.    30 candidtes including 8 girls.  An extraordinary result given the circumstances.  This was the best in the county.

Water has now been piped to the school.  100 trees have been planted and more are planned.

300,000/- has been received from the World Bank for books.

UNICEF NGO has withdrawn support from schools in the county because of charcoal burning and poaching. ( THIS IS FOR BOKA NOT JARAJARA)

Completed project this year.

TAS funded Library  is complete and contractor waiting for last payment of 5%.

Kora Secondary School.

This is a very new school on the compound of Asako Primary School.  The girls dormitory built by TAS for the primary school is now being shared by the secondary school.

72 on roll including 32 girls.

2 TSC teachers including the HT.

5 BOM Teachers.


No classrooms.  Form 1 are taught in the primary school dining room.  Form 2 and 3 are in  temporary mud classrooms.

CDF have promised 3 classrooms this year and 3 next year.

County government have promised a bus costing 6 million Kes!! A bit misplaced priority!

HT uses one of the primary school staff quarters for his office and living space.

El Rar primary school.

80 on roll including 18 girls

No KCPE candidates yet. 

3 TSC teachers and 1 volunteer!

Last year there were 15 dropouts – all boys.  County government has a programme to follow these students and bring them back to school.  They have started coming back now.

Completed project this year.

TAS funded kitchen and storeroom are completed.  Contractor waiting for second payment of 45%.

3.  Conservation Days

Plans are in hand for 2 events. 

Mitamysi conservation day planned for Sat 3rd March and Boka on Sunday 4th March.   It is hoped to get the wider communities to attend and also to get Governors, MPs and KWS senior management to participate.  Conservation films will be shown on big screens.  The media will also be invited. 

4.  Other conservation projects

Mitamysi students are clearing the market once a month and some tree seedlings have been  planted.  But water is a problem so some die.  The school is now giving seedlings to each student to take home and tend them there.  This will hopefully raise awareness among parents and the wider community.

GMA  brought 150 conservation posters for school classrooms which were distributed to all schools.  These were funded by George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust with input from KWS and TAS.


5.  Debating

Gill described a possible debating project in August to be run by Debate Mate, a UK based group which conducts debating workshops and competitions in UK and elsewhere.  If it happens it would mean around 100 students spending a week in Mwingi in August. There was agreement that this would be a good idea but that debating should be started in schools anyway. MPs and MCAs could be invited to participate.

6.  Way forward

1. WhatsApp group

It was agreed that a WhatsApp group should be set up.  Edward from Asako Primary gracefly agreed to do this.  Thank you Edward.

2. Conservation day mobilization.

Stephen to help in reaching the MPS, Governors  and kws snr staff. This to be done in consultation with respective school communities. 

3. TAS headteachers meeting to be an annual event; preferably meeting point to Mwingi.

4. Teachers to display Conservation Posters in each class,the headteacher's office ,staff room and open display board for those who have.

5. Stephen to supply more Conservation posters to publi displays eg. Churches, county offices , chief's camps etc.

7.  Thanks

Thank you to Stephen Kameti for setting up the meeting which all agreed should happen annually.  The meeting ended at 2pm and lunch was provided.