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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Notes of a meeting of Kaseluni Primary School Trust on 28 August 2017 .

Present:  Moses Mwangangi  Headteacher, Alex Mutharu  Deputy HT, Margaret Munanie Parent rep, Samson Kimanzi Community Rep,  Joseph Matei  Teacher Rep,  Geoffrey Mwei BOM rep.

In attendance:  Stephen Kameti  TAS/KWS co-ordinator,  Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS secretary UK.

School update: 

The CDF classroom is nearly complete.  The site for the 2 classrooms being funded by TAS is separated from this by the length of a classroom so that it will be relatively cheap to infill providing a total of 4 classrooms.

143 students are now on roll.

10 students are due to sit the KCPE this year for the first time.  They must be transported to another school to take the exam as the minimum number for an exam centre is 15.

Funding proposals: 

TAS is now –almost – ready to send 2,060,582/- to the newly established Karui Limited in Nairobi for onward distribution to agreed projects as follows:

1,893,582/- for 2xclassrooms

122,000/- for 45 desks

45,000/- for a trip to Meru Park – part funded by KWS.  This sum may reduce if they use the bus from Usueni Girls School.

Further projects:

A joint project between CDF and TAS to build 2 classrooms each in 2019.