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New books for Kaseluni Primary School
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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Benjamin Mwanza- Headteacher

Abdullahi Dineh  TAS chair

Mahamed Mughe – BOM chair

Mahamed Ahmed

Stephen Kameti

Paul Omondi  KWS warden Kora

David Kombe - Treasurer

Gill Marshall-Andrews  TAS Secretary UK

School update:

WFP have provided a jiko for the kitchen.  The school has been using this for 2 weeks.

There are currently 68 children on roll (52 boys and 16 girls) with 33 in the nursery (19 boys and 14 girls).

There are 2 TSC teachers (HT and one other).  They expect that they will be sent one more teacher in January.

KWS have said they will bring seedlings to the school in January if the children will dig holes and care for the trees.  A school trip will be the incentive if 60% are alive in 6 months time.

The Department of Education has promised an IT room for the laptops in January.

A proposal for funding for an Education Day will be prepared and submitted to TAS.