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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


Notes of a meeting of the Jarajara Primary School Trust on 29 October 2016


Mr. Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah – Head Teacher

Ms. Zahra AdenFrederic – Chair Lady

Mr. Idiris Abdi – Member of County Government

Mr. Stephen Kameti

Mrs. Gill Marshall – TAS Director

Mr. David Kombe – Treasurer

School update:

Much progress has been made since the last meeting.  Several agencies have visited the school, seen the TAS investment and promised contributions.

CDF is building a boys dormitory.

UNICEF has conducted a baseline survey of OOSC (out of school children) for their programme 'Operation back to school'.  They found 85 children out of school ( 49 boys and 36 girls including some who were married).

UNICEF have also promised jikos for the kitchen, 40 bunks, 80 mattresses and 2 water tanks.

A proposal for a library/ resource centre will be prepared and sent to TAS.