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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Jarajara Primary School Trust

Minutes of Meeting

Held at Jarajara Primary School, Garissa Kenya on 28th January 2017



Mr. Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah – Head Teacher

Ms. Zahra AdenFrederic – Chair Lady

Mr. Idiris Abdi – Member of County Government

Mr. Stephen Kameti

Mrs. Gill Marshall – TAS Director

Mr. David Kombe – Treasurer

Mrs. Carol Button




Meeting started with a tour of the school, introductions and a warm welcome from the head teacher.



Update of Previous Actions

a)      Repair of the dormitory floor to ensure even color of the floor- Done

b)      Repair of the roof to seal of all nail holes – Done

c)       The school followed up with Hon. Aden Duale (MP Garissa) on his pledge to construct a dining hall next to the Kitchen built by TAS. It was noted that work on the dining hall have begun with funds provided by GOK through the influence of Hon. Aden Duale.

d)      The school followed up with Hon Abdikadir on his pledge to construct a boy’s dormitory. Work has started on construction of the boy’s dormitory.

e)      School Trip to Nairobi and other environs: The trip has not been under taken because parents have not contributed. TAS reiterated that only KES200,000/= has been availed for this activity hence the school must work within the budget. It was not that the children are not happy because the promise of a trip has not been fulfilled.

f)       School Library: TAS is in the process of raising funding for the Library. Indicative amount expected to be availed is £15,000 (approx. 1.95 M Kenya Shillings)



Matters Arising

a)      It was highlighted that the cost of construction has increased due to the bad road conditions.

b)      The Head Teacher and other members of Jarajara community have visited other Libraries in the area and have designed a library that is fit for purpose at a budget of approximately 2.0 M Kenya Shillings.

c)       The Head Teacher highlighted the need for staff quarters as the plan is to turn the school into a boarding school.

d)      Shortage of school teachers was highlighted. Currently the school has 3 TSC teachers for a 497 student population.

e)      It was also highlighted that the girls’ dormitory requires fencing so as to protect the girls.

f)       Early Child Development: it was highlighted that the current ECD class is congested and is more of a caretaking class as opposed to a learning class. Head Teacher has requested for an ECD class under the School Improvement Programme (SIP). It was agreed that the Head Teacher will share the SIP with the rest of the trust.

g)      PRIEDE (Primary Education Development): It was noted that the Ministry of Education has received a grant from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) under the supervision of the World Bank to support development of primary school education sub-sector in Kenya and intends to apply part of the grant proceeds to eligible payments of activities outlined in the Grant Agreement. The Ministry has disbursed KES 366,486,750.00 (Three Hundred and sixty six Million, Four Eighty Six Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Kenya Shillings Only) to the Ministry of Education County Project Accounts to finance Quarter Activities (FY 2016/2017) activities under the Early Grade Mathematics (EGM) Component and School Improvement Programme (SIP) Component. For component one the disbursed funds are to finance monitoring of EGM Textbook Distribution, Regional Training of Curriculum Support Officers and EGM Champions; and Zonal Training of Teachers and Head teachers on EGM Methodologies. For component two the disbursed funds are to finance a three day training of Sub county directors of Education and County. Project coordinators on the implementation of the School Improvement Plan in the 4,000 targeted schools across the country. Jarajara Primary School is one of the 4000 schools country wide and amongst the seven schools in the county that have been selected for this project. 300,000 KES (3000USD) will be disbursed in February 2017 for the first half of 2017. The 300,000 KES includes 60,000KES for teacher employment.

h)      It was noted that the computers remain in the room refurbished by the Ministry of Education. However, the room allows in a lot of dust.

i)        UNICEF have pledged to beds and mattresses for the girls dormitory.

j)        The girl’s dormitory cannot be until toilet and bathroom facilities are provided. The need for these facilities was noted.

k)      Further, it was reiterated that a fence is required to secure the girls dormitory.

l)        The meeting tasked Mr. Stephen Kameti to create a WhatsApp group and collect email addresses for all to enhance communication.

m)    It was noted that the Government of Kenya had not supplied food to the school hence the school was challenged in keeping the students in school. Abdi is looking for food donations to keep the students in School.



Approval of Minutes




Head Teacher                                                                Treasurer

 Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullah                                  David Kombe






Director TAS

Gill Marshall