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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Kate Fjersted, Roslyn, Mr Njenga, Gill Marshall-Andrews


Note of a meeting on 16 January 2017

Staff changes
Alice's line managers have both left so she is reporting to Reuben who is in charge of security.

Simon has been transferred so the computers are lying idle.
it was agreed  that by end March a solution will have been found.  As we said, we do not believe that training one of the teachers will solve the situation.  Rather, we feel it needs someone with some IT skills who has a few hours a day that can be devoted to the school to run classes for adults and possibly for older children. 

TAS funding
We hope that, once this person is in place, it will be possible to start up some educational activities including films, for all aged children and adults. IGMA will be speaking to Francesca to help us acquire appropriate DVDs from the Institute of Curriculum Development and other sources eg KWS, KFS, BBC.  Maybe a weekly film club could be established?  Kate will help procure these materials. 

We understand that the TV /DVD player does not work.  It was agreed that this will be mended?

Further trips
We are happy to consider funding further trips for the children once the new line manager is in place.