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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Loldia Primary School Trust : Board of Trustees meeting: 16.1.17. 3pm


Present:  Kennedy Kariuki (HT: chair), James Ndinguri (senior teacher), Wanja-Gitura Arentz  (Secretary, LPS Board ), Ben Arentz (Technical advisor) Gill Marshal-Andrews (Secretary TAS UK), Diana Low, Samuel Gitaka, Helen Macharia, Caroline Andisi, Hillary Isavua (by invitation)

Apologies: None.




Notes/Future Action





Ben chaired the meeting. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Matters arising: Several issues in the last minutes have their own slot on today’s agenda.


Kennedy Kariuki gave a report on the situation of teachers. As of this date, there are 17 TSC teachers and 2 more promised. There are 21 non TSC teachers but in total 42 teachers are needed to meet the Kenyan standard of 55 students per clas per teacher) so there is a huge shortage of teachers, again. TAS has stopped funding the salaries of 6 non TSC teachers per 2017. Gill stressed that all the schools that TAS deals with in Kenya have set up a system for contributions from parents to pay for additional teachers. A lively discussion about contributions from parents and where the money ends up evolved.

Bilashaka farm has agreed to fund 5 teachers instead. One short off last year.

The government, TSC, had made it clear that all teachers, trained or not, had to be registered and given TSC numbers. This has made it even more difficult to recruit teachers paid for by parents.

KK has called a meeting of the board where these issues will be raised before calling a parents' meeting to discuss the way forward.

Hillary Isavua brought up his proposal of deducting school fees money from parents at the source of their employment saying it had been known to work elsewhere. Many ideas, suggestions were thrown around. Some problems could be foreseen for example, how would the unemployed parents pay? In the end, it was agreed that this would be brought up at the parents' meeting after the board had met.


TAS report: New funding received:

1.        Girls’ football boots

36,000 has been allocated to purchasing 12 pairs of girls football boots.

A new donor has, through Diana, given good quality boots which could be used by the school football team.

The 36,000 Shillings will now be used to purchase uniforms for the team instead.

3.1. Boots done.

Uniform. On going.

KK will look into this.



Classroom painting.

This has been completed and done very well

4.1. The contractor has been paid in full.



New projects:

The proposals put to TAS on the painting of the rest of the classrooms and the floors had been done and the work gone to the same contractor to complete over the Xmas holidays. This has been done and done well.


The contractor has been paid in full and thanked for going the extra mile of making thicker foundations for the floors and also for building a barrier so the rain water would stop flowing into the classrooms.He had also rectified the fascia boards and gutters to prepare for future collection of water.


2: Text books

Bought, delivered and already in use.


3: Water from kiosk to toilets.

The water tank and connection was going to be put in by the World Bank.

It was suggested that the WB be approached directly so that we could understand the situation.


Ongoing. KK would get the number from the local representative.


4: More desks

 The new desks had been made and delivered but they are not yet in use as they need to dry out before they are varnished. The parents and school management are very happy with the new desks. More will be needed this year as the student population increases.


KK will advise the board accordingly.




The 300,000 Shillings from the Rotary Club UK had gone towards the desks

-WA & BA approached Fabian Philippart from Fleur Africa for possible support for Loldia Primary School.

It was suggested that the 8 or so firms that have workers whose children go to LPS should be approached for funding of the school.

It was also reported that Shalima farm installed a new water pump which may be used to also feed water to the existing storage tanks on stilts. These could then be used to supply the toilets with water as an alternative (or additional) to the World Bank project. Water from Shalima was expected within days.

The money collected by Diana through her Matembas and from the sales of clothes by the Dutch community, totalling KSh 109,000 could either be used to purchase teacher desks, lockers and chairs or alternatively to fund the one additional non TSC teacher required.


Possible new projects:

-          New Metal Gate.

Diana reported that the new metal gate was now in place and looking good thanks to the Mara Farm for sponsoring the gate.

·         BA & WA had approached Susan Karera the secretary to The GP Resort about The Friends of GP. It was reported that she had lost contact with the chairman and she would let us know if this was still ongoing and was or could be a source of help to LPS.

It was agreed that Hillary Isavua would formally be invited to join the board of trustees for LPS.







Date of next meeting: To be agreed once the parents had met and come up with suggestions of funding teachers.

Time: 15:00 hrs (3 pm) on March the 28th, in KK’s office.