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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


Notes of a meeting at Mitamysi Secondary School on 4 April 2016.  The visit was filmed as part of the TAS tenth anniversary celebrations.Trustees present:Joseph Nzughu Headteacher and Secretary.Acothy Ndoo - Farmer and CD workerJoel Kimaku - TeacherSimon Mwansya ParentIn attendance:  Stephen KametiGill Marshall-AndrewsNekene from Cultural Video who led the film team.
New kitchenThe new kitchen is complete and the jikos have been fitted so open fire cooking is now a thing of the past.  The building is good quality but there are no gutters or tanks.  The headteacher is using one of the storerooms as a temporary office as he has no other place to work.Science labThe science lab funded by CDF  is still half finished.  (Post meeting note:  Met with the MP John Munuve who explained that the work was stopped because the building was being constructed wrongly.  It may take some time to resolve the situation).Next projectThe next priority is a girls' dormitory.  Currently the girls are sleeping in one of the classrooms and the mattresses are piled up during the day.  It is a very unsatisfactory situation.  Tenders for a new dormitory will be acquired and will be ready for the next TAS meeting on 9 May.
The filmers were able to get some good material for the film.