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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Notes of a visit to El Rar Primary School on 5 April 2016


Benjamin Mwanza- Headteacher

Abdullahi Dineh  TAS chair

Mahamed Mughe – BOM chair

Mahamed Ahmed

Stephen Kameti

Paul Omondi  KWS warden Kora

Gill Marshall-Andrews  TAS Secretary UK


The headteacher has another personal laptop so the one given to the school in November has not been used.  It will be passed on to the new headteacher of Asako Primary School.


The draft of the El Rar leaflet was circulated.  The text will be studied and amendments sent to Stephen Kameti.  Different pictures may be substituted.


These have all been delivered and the children can now sit in relative comfort to learn.

Girl child education:

There are only two girls in the top two classes – one in Standard 4 and one in Standard 5.  However in the ECD class (nursery).  This is a big issue for the school.  It is illegal for parents to take their children out of primary school but the chief is powerless to do anything about it.  There was a discussion about what the school can do to attract more girls and encourage the older ones to stay on.  Trips, uniforms, TV, sports were all discussed and agreed to be positive steps the school can take rather than waiting for the chief to chase the parents. Trustees will work on these proposals.  A trip for girls only which includes girls from the village who are not in school will be considered.


It was agreed that a priority for the school is toilets – 2 for boys and 2 for girls.  The trustees will work on a proposal for this.