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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Minutes of the meeting of the Jarajara Primary School Trust on 10 March 2016 at 2pm

Present:  Sahara Aden, Abdirahman Sheik Abdilahi (Headteacher),  Ismail Ali Salat, Fatima Adow, Abdi Mohamed Noor, Issack Harit Shabel, David Kombe Kiti,

In attendance:  Stephen Kameti KWS / TAS co-ordinator, Aden Hussein Area Chief, xxxxx KWS officer Balambala

Prayer:  The headteacher called the meeting to order and asked Ismail Ali to open the meeting with a prayer.

Exposure trip:  The members discussed the needs of the school and priorities.  They agreed there is a need for them to have exposure tour so that the children can see what TAS has done in other schools.  It will also open the mind of the leavers since they have never been outside the village.

 Girls hostel:

The members talked at length about the risk the girls are facing when coming to school because some of them are grown up girls (big girls) and the come from far – a distance of at least 4 km from the school.  Go and come back they will cover a distance of 8 km everyday.  So it is difficult for them to concentrate and perform well.  So they make request if a hostel can be built for them so that they can camp in the school compound.

Kitchen and Dining hall:

The members thanked TAS for constructing the new kitchen but also said that a dining hall is important because the children feed outside when taking their lunch.  The area MP has promised to construct the dining call through the CDF this year 2016.  The members were happy and appreciated the news.

Equipping of the dining hall:

The members questioned the headteacher and asked him who will equip the dining hall. He told them he will write and ask for help to well wishers so that we can get assisted.  It was a hot motion but the members wished to hope for the best.

Boys dormitory:

The members talked and discuss at length that despite girls coming from far there are also boys coming from the same places.  So they suggested that as a way forward there is a need for constructing a dormitory for the boys also.  So that they can stay inside the school compound, conduct their preps during the night with the supervision of teachers and as a result they can perform well in the exams and improve their discipline as they will stay close to their teacher.

AOB:  Since there was no other business to be discussed the meeting ended at 4.30pm.