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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Visit to Eburru Primary School February 2016

Notes of a meeting at the school attended by:

Gordon Strevens, Nicole Church, Johnnie Morris, Mr Karanja

8 Government teachers

7 Parents (BOM) teachers

Total 15

700 Children

Parents pay shs 800 per term.

Average class size 47. But 104 pupils in Standard 4. (Not clear why this class was not split in two).

New Classrooms (TAS). Construction of wall and roof timbers had been done and work was taking place when we were there. The structure appeared substantial and well built. Completion was estimated in 3 months time.

3 Classrooms built by the community were in a sorry state. No windows, dark and with very poor cement work, They are to be demolished. Hopefully the substantial stones will be used in the new structure.

Caretaker (TAS for 1 year)

No one was in post now.

The school was not tidy and an un-burnt rubbish dump had plastic bags blowing into the school.

Fence (TAS)

This was keeping people and animals out of the school and appeared very useful.

Library (TAS)

In very tidy order with desks and forms in good condition and well built. Timetable for visits by each class on the door, but not followed now till March as classes behind on the curriculum.

Water supply.

This was in a sorry state. Someone had broken the stop cock tap leading from the substantial storage tank for rainwater.  It happened about 1 year ago when there was no fence and there was some upset in the school. It had not been repaired. In n my view it would cost of the order of shs 5,000 to repair. Since then, there was no water for drinking or washing in the school. There were  4 drinking and washing stands where each should have had 4 taps ie 16 outlets. All the taps had been removed, stolen and not replaced.


Teachers 2 doors, girls 16 doors, boys 6 doors. Unfortunately the boys latrines, built in 2013, had the vent pipe not connected to the pit therefore serving no purpose.