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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Evans Ondeiki, Solomon Muraya, Val Corr, Lilly Githiiyi, Jan Strevens, David Morgan


MONDAY 10TH JULY 2006 2.00 pm. Eburru Secondary School.
Present, Evans, Solomon, Corr, Lilly Githiiyi, J Strevens, Morgan
Masila the contractor was invited to attend at 2 pm to enable all interested parties to walk round the school and discuss the
Discussion then ensued as to out standing work. Masila agreed to complete small details that were specified in the contract.
It was noted that the surface of the blackboards was not ideal and Masila was asked to quote for a better surface for 3 of the
It was unanimously agreed that Masila be paid his contingency cheque.
The trustees thanked Masila for the work he had done and DM asked if Evans would write a letter of appreciation for the work
he had done so that it could be used as a reference .
DM suggested to Evans that the students write a letter of appreciation stating how the renovations had improved their
education. A selection of these could be sent to Bonnik who was responsible for all the renovations. Solomon suggested that
the “writers group “ do this.
All the trustees were impressed with the transformation of the school.
1.The meeting was opened by Evans welcoming Lilly as a new trustee. She apologised for not attending other meetings but
said she was taking examinations.
2. The minutes had already been distributed and read. Val Corr proposed that they be approved, seconded by Jan
3. Matters arising. Any items arising would be covered in the agenda.(sorry, I missed this out, Ken Gen had not come up
with the funding of the brochures despite letters from me and Andy Muir. Nothing has been heard from Eddie Ngroge
and the Powergen project.)
4. DM gave an account of his visit to UK and explained how the web site worked, that the trust was set up through the House
of Commons and that there was a lot of good will. The funding was coming in. He said that donors were also interested in
donating on a monthly basis as this was easier for donors and it also attracted income tax relief. He met with GMA in the House
of Commons.
His quest for books was not successful as the organization no longer exists BUT he did find an organization Book Aid
International. He gave an application form to Evans to complete for a request for books and said that he should identify
resource material books that were needed. DM explained that they would not supply text books but could supply one off
resource books. If the organization approved the application the books would be sent free of charge to NBI.
5. FUNDING JS stated that 4,000 GBP had arrive,2,400 for teachers salaries(more to come) 1,600 for cookers. Evans had
already ordered them after getting quotes. The suppliers agreed to waive the delivery charge. Evans said that the school had
already built a mbati cook house for the stoves and the plinths for the cookers.
Over 394,000/- had been raised for Bursaries, mainly through VC’s efforts and EAWL.
There were 3 computers on their way from Computer Aid. JS said that she had found someone in NBI who would clear them
for us free of charge. They would be arriving at the end of Aug.

Discussion was held as to how they could be used without power. DM suggested that may be they maybe should be housed on
Green Park and teachers come to use them. More thought must be given to this situation when they arrive.
POWER. Evans stated that the arrival of the transformer to the maternity unit had again been delayed as there were no poles in
6. BURSARIES VC stated that there were now 15 students with bursaries. This meant that they all had the rest of their school
life with guaranteed funded. She explained that the students were identified by the school board , forms were filled in, photos
taken and that reports were sent to VC to file. JS said that 363,300/- had been obtained for bursaries
7. Knock on effects of funding
It was stated that there were problems arising from the payment of extra teachers and the discrepancy between parent employed
teachers and the teachers appointed by the board and funded by the Trust also the bursary awards were discussed and it was
pointed out that this was the responsibility of the board of Govs. DM pointed out that the Trust was facilitating the school to
improve the educational standard of the school and that the administration and policy making MUST come from the board.
They could apply to the trust for financial help that was over and above the budget of the school.
Evans said that the TSC (teacher service commission) had promised 1 more teacher and may be 3 in Aug..
AOB It was noted that there was still 140,000/- shillings available from the renovation fund from Bonnik. JS suggested that
some of it be used to improve the surface of the black boards. Masila was asked to quote for this. However when he produced
his quote it was decided that it was too high and that another quote be obtained.
Masila also produced a quote for the water harvesting project. It was suggested that the tank he had specified was not large
JS said that there was a formula to work out how big a tank was needed and would find it and send it to Masila.
Evans needs to obtain another quotation for the water harvesting project so that if the funds arrive we will be ready to start
Lilly thanked the members of the trust for making things happen in the school and said that the whole of the community were
Date of Next meeting 13th Sept 10 Am. G.M-A would be able to attend also she would have with her a Norma Empringham
who chairs the Trusts for African Schools . She is the Asst Director of education in Richmond.
Allocation of jobs. Cont.
Complete form for Book Aid International
Obtain another quote for Water harvesting
Obtain proposal for spending of 140,000/- remaining from Bonnik donation (building)
Organize the writing of the letters of appreciation from the pupils.
To write and distribute minutes. (Please bring to next meeting.)
Arrange for collection and clearance of computers at end of Aug.
To think about use of computers.
Continue with processing of bursary payments,