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Minutes from Trustees Meeting


Notes of a meeting at Boka Primary School on 29 October 2015.Present:  
Stephen Kameti TAS/KWSGill Marshall-Andrews TASMohammed Hussan  (HT)
School update:The exams were going on so non-exam students were not present.
The library is in serious need of attention.  The shelves are much too high, there are piles of broken books around, the room is dirty and was being used as a staff room.  it was agreed that this is not acceptable and no further funding will be considered until the situation is remedied.
CDF have promised an administration block to start in December so that should improve things.The HT is still not using the laptop provided earlier this year. He promised to get an email address for the school and email GMA and Stephen. (Post meeting note:  An email was received but this came from an internet shop not the school laptop)
Staff are still absent from school for several days a month while they get their salary.  However, now that mpesa have opened a centre in Boka this situation should improve.
The fence is broken in parts.  HT promised to ensure it is fixed.The jikos are not yet being used in the new kitchen because the base is not yet made.  This will be remedied
So, this visit was disappointing.  Several immediate actions were agreed and it remains to be seen if they are done.

Stephen Kameti will visit soon after the school breaks up to check on progress.