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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Loldia Primary School Trust : Board of Trustees meeting:  Sept 22nd 2015

Present: Philip Nganga (Dep HT) Joan Dickie ( TAS secretary), Maria Muriu ( Rubi Ranch), Diana Low ( Maradju Farm), Hellen Macharia (Mara Farming)



Notes/Future Action


Apologies. Kennedy Kariuki (HT: chair), Grace Mongina ( Bilashaka), Caroline Andisi ( Loldia), Samuel Gitaka (parent), James Ndinguri (senior teacher) Simon Losokon (Rocco), Emily Vulimu (parent)

JD to remember to text all trustees as well as emailing as a meeting reminder


The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved


Matters arising: several issues in the last minutes have their own slot on today’s agenda.

Referring back to June minutes. The old classroom noticeboards are stored at school. KK/PN to ask BoM if they can be cut down for re-use


Update on school: PN reported that:

·         The World Bank are working on a sanitation project in Kasarani village and on request from Kasarani Development Committee have built a water kiosk on the school grounds near the admin offices and upper school classrooms to provide both drinking water tap(s) (treated for excess fluoride) and untreated water for hand washing.

·         The kiosk is in place but as yet there is no water.

·         See this Minutes section 4b for ideas of piping this water to the renovated toilet block, currently with taps but no water: to provide handwashing facilities

Trustees asked PN to talk to KK/BoM and see if there is any possibility of the World Bank providing a similar kiosk for the lower school at the far end of the site. PN mentioned there is an unused  water tank  near those classrooms


An outline of TAS expenditure to Sept 2015

·         JD brought extra copies of the TAS leaflet: trustees took away more copies to distribute

·         JD gave a short report about expenditure to date on the following projects:


Trustees can request further leaflets from JD


a)       Teachers’ salaries:

·         576,000KES budgeted for 12 months March-Feb. Funds for Sept-Feb salaries remain in bank account

See these minutes section 6 for a discussion re 2016 teacher salary payments


b)       Boys’ toilets renovations:

·         Completed except for water to taps:

·         208,000KES budget: 148,000 spent with 60,000 remaining to go to piping water from kiosk to taps

·         There are still no padlocks for security: PN will enquire and can be purchased from some local donations

·         Once water is supplied: how can soap be securely provided? Trustees discussed soap bars v. liquid soap v. very diluted liquid soap dispensers.

JD to invite tenders for laying pipes from World Bank kiosk to upper school boys (and girls’) toilets’ taps


PN/DL to enquire about padlocks and hasp and staples (Sept 26: DL priced: padlock & fittings @600.  9 needed= 5400 + fundi cost: total under 10K: use existing Governors camp donation?


HM will take photos of farm soap dispensers.


JD to ask how other TAS schools cope with the ‘soap’ issue


c)        Fencing the playing field:

·         Completed except for small portion of missing wire next to cactus: to be completed this week, Very successfully protecting the field. Came in on budget: 270,000KES

Josphat Mbugua (fencer) may be asked to quote for further projects


d)       Desks:

·         As well as the June delivery (see June minutes) 100 bench desks have arrived at the school paid for by Bilashaka Fairtrade. The trustees expressed thanks for this donation

·         549,000 KES budgeted: 451,000 spent : 98,000 still to spend See item 5 for next desk order

·         67,000 budgeted for fundi still unspent : see 5a

Also see point 5 , below


Details of new projects proposed to TAS at their board meeting on Sept 21st  2015


A: Desks:

·         Thanks to the Bilashaka provision of bench desks there is no longer a shortfall for the lower school: Great news!

·         55,000 of budgeted 67,000 is available for  1- 2 fundi to mend broken desks; currently stored in the school hall

·         There is still a need for lockers and chairs for 70 + Yr 6

·         £602.88= @100,000 KES will be transferred from the UK: added to the unspent 98,000 (item 4d) + 12,000 from ( generous) fundi money = 210,000KES = 30 desks (5K) and chairs (2K)


PN to talk to KK about employing 1 or 2  fundi to mend broken desks and to get quotes from at least 2 fundi ( probably Kasarani based) JD to be contacted for payment for labour and materials

DL to arrange 30 desks to be made as soon as possible by Comboni (done 24.09.15)


Note: 40-50 extra desks and chairs still needed: to be supplied by mending broken furniture and extra 2016 donations?

B: Existing Girls’ toilet renovations

·         A proposal for 270,000KES to be spent on this project was put to the TAS board .

·         There is no funding for this until 2016

It would be ideal to complete these renovations over the 2015/2016 December holidays.

JD has applied for advance funding to be provided and this is likely to be available to use the December holidays for renovation work.

C: Motivational badges for successful pupils:

·         This project was discussed at the June meeting and costed by KK @ 54,600 KES (150 KES per badge x 364 badges) to be purchased in Naivasha.

·         The project was approved by TAS and funds will be forwarded in October

KK can order these badges in October.

KK to liaise for funds with JD

Badges would then be ready for the end of 2015 term if desired

D: VIP latrines for older girls:

·         This is a project to spend a specific sum ( £5000/ 770,000KES) raised by a prominent international company and match funded by employees : on a project to benefit older girls

·         As discussed in June, a further quote was requested from a firm experienced in this type of discussion.

·         A site visit and viable quote were received from Felix Gitonga: @700,000 KES

·         TAS has approved this project for building over the December holiday period and funds will be transferred in October.


JD is liaising with TAS to ensure the building requirements/details are exact. JD will then re contact Felix Gitonga about proceeding with is project.

Felix will also be asked to  quote for the girls’ toilet renovations and piping water from the World Bank kiosk to the toilets


Discussion of future projects for 2016:


Teacher salaries:

·         A long discussion was held about whether 8 x teachers’ salaries should be included again as a 2016 project.

·         JD/DL emphasized that after 2017 there would no longer be significant funds to help here and that the school, the BoM and community should be made aware of this.

·          A suggestion was made to fund fewer teachers (4-6?) and slowly diminish the number supported by overseas donations.

·         A comment was made that pupils can do without desks but can’t do without teachers and the school is still growing.

This will be discussed again at the next meeting


Football boots:

·         The June meeting suggested a purchase of 24 pairs for boys and girls teams.

·         JDhas a friend willing to fundraise for this project ( A Zumba masterclass) in Feb 2016

DL to cost this project more precisely


New , wider  entrance gates at village end of school:

·         This idea was proposed by teachers and approved by the trustees. The main road gates need significant repairs: might this be undertaken by Loldia farm? How will future road construction affect this?

·         Teachers suggested that pupils would be safer to enter the school by rear gates. Currently there is a single gate (1m wide) . This needs to be doubled in size for the number of pupils leaving at the end of a day. This new gate will be costed by the school.

·         Funds may be raised by a November mitumba.

·          JD suggested having a school competition for the wrought iron design.

PN /KK to measure and cost a new gate for rear of school and renovation of existing gate

DL to gauge likelihood of Loldia farm renovating main road gates?

PN to discuss gate design competition with other staff


More desks and chairs: See note 5A:

There will remain a shortfall of 20-50 locker desks and chairs in 2016/2017. Numbers to be closely calculated for next meeting

PN/KK to calculate shortfall of 2016/17 lockers and chairs ( excluding 30 just ordered from Comboni)


Rainwater harvesting on lower school roof?

The lower school still remains without running water for hand washing and drinking water. What is the best project to provide this?

·         Rainwater harvesting?: JD to cost

·         ‘Re-activating’ the unused 3 tanks on metal supports between the two school areas. MM to investigate linked to Rubi farm

·         Finding out if the World Bank might build a kiosk on the lower school grounds? PN/KK to investigate?

JD, MM, PN and KK involved in costing.


Potential new projects for TAS funding: 2016

Trustees were encouraged  to think about new projects for 2016 to propose at the November meeting

KK to discuss this with BoM


DL and JD are organising a Mitumba sale on Nov 8th at Green Park with funds going towards the new gate project. ALL donations gratefully accepted!

DL and JD to keep trustees informed of date, time etc



AOB: HM queried the low pay of some young/ untrained teachers paid by parents: 5000



Date of next meeting: Tuesday Nov 17th 2015: 15.00h